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I ate all

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Like the Hydrix Jewelry on release, its extremely underwhelming for its cost.

Rant of how disappointing it is:

The only way for it to be useful is for it to activate the insta-kill at the start of a fight with a high HP monster. Chance of insta-kill? 1/30 per hit which is less than the 1/20 chance Dragon Trinkets grant, which is embaressing given Dragon Trinkets are cheap and easy to obtain.

The insta-kill activation costs charge every time it activates which often costs more than what you'll get in drops from monsters it affects.

Against bosses it deals 5K damage on activation. God books are better by far as they have no penalties against bosses.

And that's not all, it has stats of +5 for combat and +2 prayer. That's less than Illuminated God Books and you can benefit from that stat boost without activating the Illuminated God Books, while the Book of Death degrades even when the insta-kill doesn't trigger.

If the book of death doesn't trigger at the start of combat, you're better off using an de-activated God Book for better stats and no degrading. Ouch.

It should feel like the Hydrix Jewelry, having beefy stats and a notable passive effect to justify its cost.

Reworked Suggestion:

New stats: +10 all combat stats, +5 prayer

New Passive effect: Death's Presence

Whenever you take or deal damage, 5% of it is added to a Deaths Presence buff counter. If you damage an enemy above 80% of their maximum LPs and Death's Presence's counter exceeds that enemies HP, they are guaranteed insta-killed and the counter resets to 0.

Against bosses, when the counter exceeds 5K they take 5K damage instantly then its reset regardless of their current HP.

Counter resets if book is unequipped.

This would make it so every 20th kill of an enemy would be instant, more often if you take damage yourself. Against bosses its an approx. 5% DPS increase, more if you take damage.

Degrades while worn in combat regardless of effect activation. Much like Hydrix Jewelry
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I wanted to include a benefit to taking self-damage to make it more viable in situations where one is taking lots of damage such as tanking a boss and don't have as many DPS options, as well as make Tendril abilities more useful. For Trimmed Masterwork, calculated damage taken is added to the counter before being reduced and turned into DoT.

Example: If a player is wearing 5 TMW pieces, Book of Death, and takes 2K damage, 100 is added to Death's Presence while the player takes 1K damage and 200 every second for 5s.

Theoretically one could "prep" an insta-kill by continuously sacrificing LPs to a Prism of Loyalty repeatedly then refunding it to charge Death's Presence counter higher than their enemies max HP to guaranteed instantly kill them.

However this would work only against non-bosses and would take a lot of sacrificing. You'd have to drain and restore 1,000,000 to insta kill a 50K HP damage, and the Book of Death would degrade while you did that. Against bosses, no matter how high you get the Deaths Presence counter it will deal 5K damage then reset so theres not much point unless you want an early burst of damage.

Obviously, this effect doesn't work in PvP
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I guess if they could remove the regular degradation (i.e. this thing just loses charges when it activates), increase its stats (it wouldn't need to surpass illuminated books/grimoire, but it should match them - I would see both as acceptable) and maybe lower the threshold at which it still could activate (since some enemies against which it would work have so much it still wouldn't feel wasted if it activates at let's say 60 % hp) a lot would be won already.

While it might have a lower activation chance it works against more kinds of enemies that have a lot of hp - and seemingly the trend is to introduce more and more of those in the future - but I do fully agree with you it shouldn't be worse than a godbook just because it didn't activate. While I am not opposed to your idea, it sounds more complex than it needs to be
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I mainly suggested slightly higher stats than other pocket book items as Hydrix Jewelry tends to be compared to other jewelry, but if the passive effect makes it worth it regardless of stats that's fine.

My problem with using a fixed charge per activation is "cost for activation vs what you get"


1 Book of Death activation = 1/125th of a Death Note = 0.32 Soul Reaper points per activation.

Now convert that to GP if buying a Hydrix.

24M / (300 / 0.32) = 25613

tldr: If the drop received from the Book of Death activation does not exceed 25613 GP, you are better off spending Soul Reaper points on a Hydrix to sell than Death Notes.

Non-boss high level monsters almost always drop under 25K, only exception is very rare drops, so you're guaranteed a net loss

And as always, it has to compete with other pocket slots items that are far cheaper.

My suggestion is basically storing 5% of damage dealt and taken and dealing all of it to an enemy at once when it exceeds their health. It makes the insta-kill effect predictable and you don't feel like you're at waste when using the Book of Death under 80% HP.
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"Ingenuity of the Humans" is also quite terrible for its cost, though that probably applies to sigils in general. Anyway... supported. Would also support a re-work of IotH if someone cba to create a thread. Not that any J-Mods will ever see any of this, however, since they clearly favor unofficial platforms like Reddit over their own property... :@ “Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.”

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