Ethereal Head vs Wicked Hood

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parts are much more difficult to get in the first place as a UPGRADE from just having the Wicked Hood. So
why not make the Ethereal head as GOOD or BETTER than the Wicked Hood
. I am talking about the
left click option to "activate" it
Make it the SAME as the Wicked Hood
It takes TWO clicks to "active" the Ethereal head
... I would LOVE to see the same left-click option as the Wicked Hood where it 'actives' it rather than 'removes' it. Feels like the simple Wicked Hood has the better feature than the Ethereal set that takes a lot to obtain.
give the
Ethereal Head

Thank you kindly. I truly believe this improvement would be beneficial to many players.
The end ^_^
Because I say "awww" too much

27-Aug-2019 18:27:42

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