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If mod sees this please read below!! It is my RS dream to have an idea of mine to make it into the game.

PoP has always been one of my favorite additions to the game. As someone who doesnt really boss... the idea of being able to get good quality armor and gear thru skilling skills has always been great. However, the lack of updates has left this great minigame in a... yeah you know where this is going...

So i propose some great updates below

*New Armor
*Updates to existing gear
*New soups
*New misc... items

First off we will start with UPDATES to existing gear

Since we already have lvl 85 boots and goves that do not degrade (glacor boots and automaton gloves) the ports equivalent are kinda useless, since the require maintenance and provide no further boosts sooo

Have ports boots and gloves give a +2 prayer bonus each to mirror that of nex armors

Ports weapons are outclassed by DM weps, which is totally fine, however due to the amount of time it takes to obtain these weapons its only fair that they also get special attacks.

As of writing this, i have no ideas but feel free to include some
*Ports Weps are: Dual Katanas, Kiba and Magikai, and the darts*

Next on the list we have NEW ARMOR

Each combat style will have access to tier 85 power armor to go side by side with the existing armors. These new armors will require new scrolls to obtain but will require the same amount of trade goods to make

Power armor will need Goods are Chi, Lacquer, and Plate
*40 Goods for the hood
*100 Goods for the body
*60 Goods for the legs
* 20 Goods for the boots
*20 Goods for the gloves

These new power armors will have set effects geared more towards combat unlike the Tank armors... as of right now i have no ideas...
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Now that the New Power Armors have been introduced...

Just how existing ports weapons can be upgraded to tier 88...
as well

The process will require a superior armor set and the appropriate fossil stone.
*A new one will be required to be added to the game for the Ranged gear*

Fossil Stone = Kaseki or Tsuba (and a new one for range)

*Hood/Helm will need 1 Fossil Stone
*Body will need 2
*Legs will need 2
*Boots and Gloves will need 1 (only 1 is needed for both, as such both items are required at the same time in order to be upgraded)
*Shield (more on this) will need 2

Existing Superior Already augmented gear will still be eligible for upgrade, just take existing gear to an invention bench to create.


New 2h weapons should be added to add variety to the tiers
*Seasinger staff with special attack
*Tetsu Naginata with special attack
*Death Lotus Bow with special attack

Any ideas for the Specs??? go ahead and pitch in.

*Staff 150 chi and 75 koi scales
*Naginata 150 plate and 75 pearls
*Bow 150 lacquer and 75 bones


Each combat style will get access to a respective shield. Shields will require a Respective scroll in order to create. Shields will start off at level 85 with Inferior and Superior versions but only the Superior will be eligible for augmenting and upgrading (to level 88)

These new shields will have an special ability reminiscent to that of the beloved dragonfire shield in which, using some of the shields charge it unleashes a strong attack

*Seasinger's rage
*Death Lotus's malevolence
*Tetsu's Fury

deals 75-125% dmg equal to current ability dmg + 1\2 of current armor rating

continues on next post
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Example: current ability dmg is 1000 and current armor rating is 2000
1k from ability dmg + 1/2 from armor (1k) =2k dmg range
special attack can hit between 1500 to 2500

shield special attack will induce a 3.6 stun (not applicable to stun immune npc's) and go on a 2 minute cooldown
special attack is ranged (including the melee variant) at 8 paces

*If the shield is augmented, the shield will require separate charges from the corresponding trade good required to make it. The ratio needed to charge remains the same *

Superior shields will carry the bonus of providing a +2 prayer bonus as well as a passive dmg buff as explain below

When paired with the appropriate Weapon (ex, Seasinger Kiba with Seasinger Shield) the Shield will provide similar off hand dmg to that of a defender

Current Ratios are as follows (example)
mainhand 1000 + offhand 500 = 1500 ability dmg
main hand 1000 + same tiered defender 250 = 1250 ability dmg
Seasinger Kiba 1000 + Seasinger Shield 0 = 1125 ability dmg

*NOTE* these numbers are not realistic just mere examples to set ratios


Each shield will require a respective scroll along with 100 of the respective Trade goods (chi for mage, lacquer for range, plate for melee)


A new Ports amulet,
Reefwalker's Tear

hybrid amulet with 36 dmg bonus and +3 prayer bonus across all styles
*Effect: raises shield special attack from 75-125% to 90-140%

Amulet will recquire Respective scroll along with 50 Pearls and 50 Koi Scales

Update Reefwalker's cape to have +20 dmg to all styles, (up from 14) an prayer bonus of +3 and a teleport option to PoP and Waiko

Scrimshaw Bag

Holds existing used Scrimshaws up to 10, does not need a scroll but requires 10 of each trade good to make (10 spices, 10 chi 10 plate etc...)
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Ports Soups should be lucrative to use as such they should have powerful effects

Current soups

Rocktail: heals 2500, effect: boost LP above 15%
Sailfish: heals 2600, effect: boost LP above 15 (update to be 20%)

Seaturtle Heals 2250, effect: PREY INSTINCT for the next 15 secs, successful hits taken generate an additional 1 adrenaline (similar to inspiration aura DOES NOT STACK)

Manta Ray Heals 2475, effect: TOXIC SHOCK for the next 20 secs, the next 2 successful hits taken stun the opponent with diminishing returns (1st stun 3.6 secs 2nd stun 1.2 secs) DOES NOT WORK ON STUN IMMUNE NPC's

Great White Shark Heals 2300, effect: PREDATOR INSTINCT for the next 10 secs, successful hits dealt will generate an additional .5 adrenaline (similar to inspiration aura DOES NOT STACK)

Baron Shark Heals 2200, effect: REVERSED NATURE for the next 15 secs dmg taken will be reduced by 5% of your max LP, any leftover will heal you instead (essentially the same effect the gorajian mushroom had before the nerf)
EXAMPLE: player has 10k LP, player is inflicted with a DoT of 250, eats soup, each DoT now heals 250 instead (250 DoT - 500 soup effect = -250 which is healed instead)

All of these soups will have a 90 sec cooldown with flavor text added below
"You are too full to have another bite of Blank Soup"
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