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Been almost 11 months since the release of the Elite Dungeon Reward Shop found at Bryll in Daemonheim, which features the Daemonheim skill door boost for a whopping 600k dungeoneering tokens. Ever since its release, it has been open for F2P to buy and use within regular dungeoneering, granting a nice permanent bonus.

With the recent change, this has been turned members-only for unknown reasons. F2P can no longer buy this from the shop., nor use it. Nice 600k tokens down the drain if you ask me.

For something that has been up for almost a year, this is a rather hard blow. Not to mention that I have been warning Jagex for F2P shops selling members-only content. And when they finally come around to tweak it after almost a year, they managed to include this F2P reward with this change.

Please make this boost F2P buyable again.

EDIT: After some experimenting, it appears the boost is still usable in F2P worlds. The option to buy it however has turned members-only, which turns this reward into one of those 'ex-members benefits'
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> Make P2P a skill boost that was initially F2P and didn't actually make a big difference.
> Let the boost effect on F2P for people who bought, but can only purchase on P2P now.

I could be wrong, but that's kinda... unfair. We all know F2P Dungeoneering is pretty challenging (for people not suiciding/rushing floors) without good potions, porters and such. For a player who got nearly 20mil xp still being F2P, I could tell. And since Dung worlds are empty nowadays, it adds to the challenge even more lol.

Support, make boost F2P again or refund.
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