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I have played RS for a really really long time (10+ years) with also lots of breaks. I stopped playing again around when invention just came out. Now in my vacation I had a bit of time and got me member for a little while.

I noticed that to level invention, I would need to augment my gear and put some usefull perks on it. Then at level 12, I can extract this to get invention xp. I am a bit low on cash, so I decided I wanted to go do slayer tasks and have 1 full augmented set for melee, range and magic.

This took me some time to work out, get the mats for it, proper perks and levels. I finally spend a lot of cash on augmenting my gear and choose to augment my lvl 90 weapons for this and port lvl85 armor for all 3 types.

Now I noticed that the armor and weapons are not normally degrading anymore (i.e. 87.9%). After reading up a bit more, I found that instead it is using charges. I looked this further up and noticed that a full set is actually now using over 11 charges per second!!!

A charge pack of 3000 will last that way only about 4 minutes and costs 50.000 coins. So effectively when I am fighting, it wil cost me 12k coins per minute, or 600.000 per hour!!!
I think this is a bit insanly expensive and my plan to try to make some money of slayer this way is now gone.

It took me a lot of time and money to get this done, only to find out I wasted my cash. Probably if I go de-augment it, it will be a complete disaster, I will lose the augmentor of half a mil, the perks. Then also probably the durabillity of my items will be 0, so I need about a mil per item or so to fix it. :S

In short. I am broke and dissapointed. My membership ends tomorrow and maybe in a few years from now I go check it out again.

16-Aug-2019 10:51:36

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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If you augment and wear a lower level piece of equipment it will drain energy slower, perhaps you should look into that.

Also you only level equipment up to 12 if you siphon them, you can settle with leveling stuff up to level 10 and disassemble them, this however destroys the weapon/armour which is another good reason to use cheap low level equipment.
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Maybe look into some cheaper slayer gear...
I guess if you're playing rs 24/7 and bossing, 600k/hour is nothing. If you are trying to make a bit of cash of slayer, it is pretty bad. That will destroy my profits. I guess 1m/hour is pretty normal when slayering, if that goes down by 60% that is just bad.

16-Aug-2019 16:15:45

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