Burthorpe rework and dummies

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Soran Vinaku
Jun Member 2019

Soran Vinaku

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Today since reset I've been taking my low leveled ironman into burthorpe to collect some raw rabbits only to find the spot by the bank and lodestone monopolized by people throwing chins at melee or magic dummies killing every single one of them, 1 player admitted to have been there for over an hour. I know it's to farm inv materials, never the less it's rather rude and quite annoying to not be able to get in on a single server just to collect a few inventories of raw rabbits for cooking.

All I am proposing is a change to either chinchompa or preferably dummies. Hitting a dummy with an aoe attack from a different style should negate the attack entirely, not just reduce damage to the target to 0. Make these people actually earn the materials they are farming instead of letting them spawn camp rabbit only clicking the bare minimum times to keep them from logging out

I am aware this will probably get targeted by these player defending themselves, doesn't change anything. If someone found a way to make their activities ingame less enjoyable they'd want things tweaked as well

03-Sep-2019 10:39:43

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