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USafe I Pray

USafe I Pray

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i have been away from the game a little while but i thought when osrs started it was going to thrive because the updates would mostly be voted on by players.

now if i even try to talk about an update that was executed horribly proven by rollbacks to many accounts which was just a bandaid i get banned from talking on the forums.

basically my question is:
1. if i can not talk without getting banned is this osrs game still going to be updated based on what we vote for or just what jagex feels like?

2.if there is a bad update are we allowed to talk about it or does jagex just get to censor every account that talks about something they want to ignore?

3.if i get sent a message saying :

temporarily banned
Your user account has been temporarily banned from the Forums for breaking the forum rules.

Please refer to the Wiki for more information.

why can i not log on forums with my other acc to talk about new topics? they said just the account is banned

02-Sep-2019 16:25:35

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@USafe I Pray

You know exactly why your account was issued a temp ban. Also why all your other 6-7 accounts were given the same ban.

You can make any topic you like as long as it's within the Rules and complies with the Code of Conduct.

What you can't do is troll and flame on an account that then gets muted and come back on many other accounts to carry on the same thing that got the first account muted.

You got plenty of help from CM Staff and F-Mods including advice from Me. Yet you caused major disruption on the Forums on this account as well as many alt accounts that ended in quite a few muted accounts.

I've locked this thread for a few reasons.

1 it's discussing Old School and this is for RS3 topics.
2 it's ranting about mutes.
3 if you want to rant about an update it belongs within Rants section even if it's OS or RS3. Just make sure it's within the Rules and Code of Conduct.

I hope all the above info has helped you in some way in understanding what went on with this account as well as all your alt accounts.
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02-Sep-2019 16:35:18

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