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As much as I liked the Smithing rework, the new smithable weapons are lacking diversity.

Orkalkum to Elder Rune only let you make one type of 1-hand weapon and one type of 2h. That's it. Unless you include pickaxes.

If you want weapon diversity, you may want to add more smithable weapon options.

Given metals rune and below already have all types of melee weapons available, it shouldn't be hard re-coloring them. I don't think all weapons should be available for each tier, but atleast have 3-4 options for 1-hand weapons per metal rather than just one option.

Armor kinda remained the same throughout tiers, so I think some alt option should be added to a piece.

Example: You can create "Deflectors" that behave like a Defender, but are 10 tiers less than requirement and cannot be augmented much like weapons, but can be upgraded 1-5 tiers.

Creation requires a metal flint of the respective type, randomly obtained while mining while holding a deflector of the metal before it, with Iron Deflectors not having a requiring a previous Deflector and being T1 in stats.

You can combine a shield with the metal flint of the same metal to make it a deflector.
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