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Zeldafield said:
Thank you... it helps understand a bit, but I have a math disorder and do not understand the formulas you all post. The ones on rune wiki are so confusing I get anxiety just looking at them.
They make absolutely no sense to me. :(

Can you give me advice instead of math?
Like to get bubbles with 32mil xp I should try???????? what? where should I fish? how long?
Nothing seems to work. I just want one more pet so I can get "Jack of trades" title
Everyone in my clan seems to have no problem... I CANT GET A PET TO SAVE MY LIFE...

As it says in the title, the skills in this method are based on the amount of time it takes to do something, rather than the amount of XP you get. We measure this in server cycles -
or ticks. For example, when cutting Ivy, it always takes four server cycles for you to attempt to 'chop', so your time value in the formula would be four for Woodcutting on Ivy.

We take the time value and then multiply it by your virtual level in the skill, then divide it by 50,000,000. If you have 200m total XP in the skill, we add a flat 50 to your virtual level whilst doing the calculation.


Based on the above, it doesn't really matter what method you use, just which method gives you the most "attempts" per hour. One thing that's not known, is whether using "tick manipulation", e.g. 1 tick hunting vs the normal 4 tick hunting, will give a higher chance of obtaining the pet or not?

As for your question, I would assume all fishing methods take the same ticks to attempt an action, so i'd just go for the fastest XP/hr AFK method (i.e. wobbegongs at the Arc or fishing at the Prif waterfall).
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In reference to Slayer:

Once we have the skill and the base XP that you've earned in that skill, we then look at pre-assigned modifiers for the skill which, during development, were determined to try and take into account the potential XP per hour players could earn in that skill. Here are the modifiers in full:

Construction: 30
Cooking: 25
Crafting: 20
Dungeoneering: 25
Farming: 12
Fletching: 20
Herblore: 45
Invention: 180
Runecrafting: 28
Smithing: 20

What would the skill modifier be? Would it just be represented as 1, or was there something else that I missed?

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