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Why couldnt bane start at t76 up to t80 and elder rune be t85 to t90?

And let them be unaugmentable.

The only smithable armors that actualy see the most usage is power armor since tank is mostlyignored at the high end. Im not sure how much an effect a change like that would have but it could add a little more.variety within those tiers.

The other gear still remaining preferable.

As it isnow the only use thenew smithable armor has is being turned into xp or unless your an iron.but still much better options remain.
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22-Aug-2019 00:52:14

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Smithable bane +4 and elder rune +5 weapons may still devalue augmentable equivalents because of how cheap they are to buy and upkeep. If a player doesn't want to augment their weapon, smithable weapons would be the "no-brainer" option.

Also, T90 tank gear (achto) currently takes a really long time to get and a lot of effort. I guess it would still have the passive benefits and augmentability over T90 elder rune +5.

True, power gear is preferred in PVE. The main issue would be PVP I guess. Having T90 tank cost only a few mil would probably upset the PVP community. Also, having elder rune +0 be T85 tank would make superior ports gear redundant. Cheaper to buy and upkeep. Then you'd only lose like 300k in PVP when losing full T85 elder rune tank gear lol. O_o

I see positives with your proposal too. I see where you're coming from. It's difficult to decide what's the best thing to do.
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