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Uncle Pob

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Wolfblue42 said:
Would be cool if they could rework the message center to be a player to player mailbox, since its just jmod to player only atm.

Which is the reason why it's a viable messaging service for JMods to use.

Think about it: if *anyone* could send a message to a player and have it appear in the Message Center, the Message Center would get filled-up with:

We've been monitoring your recent chat logs and actions
and we have noticed maturity and responsibility.
We would like to offer you a moderator application.

So either the rate of phishing attacks would increase, or players would start ignoring the message center completely and wouldn't notice or trust any actual messages from JMods.

06-Jul-2018 23:43:06



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It's the only sliver form of inbox messaging available, I'd envision them altering it would get them there. Since the groundwork exists sorta.

They can make simple tabs to have Official messages,friends. Could make it mutual friends only to use to get rid of that issue. A basic friends only gets rid of strangers spamming you.

They can do basic PSA inbox messages warning of ingame impersonation as it is now people still get ironman and vip confused with pmod logos. Can also have a stamp of blah blah this message did not come from official staff. Another game I play does that stamp thing with inbox messages so you know mesages are bs if they don't have the company logo.

Having no form of inbox mail system makes this game horribly dated and I'd hope they'd try to catch up eventually.

07-Jul-2018 01:14:07



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I like this idea! I can think of several times this could have been handy.

However, I do see the potential to have a lot of spam dumped on you. Agreed that a filter of some sort with it, for instance, you can only send an offline pm to someone if you are on their friend's list.
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07-Jul-2018 02:26:24

The Fate of
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No support to adding it to the Message Center for the reason Uncle Pob brought up.

But I could see the appeal as a standalone, in-game feature, with some restrictions. I don't think people should be able to send mail to random players, so it should probably require at least one of the following:

a) Both players have had the other added to their Friends List for at least one week.
b) Both players are part of the same clan, and the sender is a ranked member of said clan, or the message is a response to a ranked member's mail.

Obviously, you wouldn't be able to send mail to players who have blocked you.

I feel like there could be a "post office" run by the Pete family that operates out of the Grand Exchange locations, which is where you'd be able to send or receive mail. Seems like a nice central in-game location to do it, plus would prevent the receiver from being inundated with new mail all at once upon logging in. It'd also give Postie Pete an in-game purpose outside of Parcels from the Hedge and popping up randomly to visit the other Petes. :P

21-Feb-2019 00:39:36

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