Stone Spirits Are Trash

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Stone spirits are simply too cheap to do anything with now.

IF they actually tried to make a concentrated effort to increase their prices to post-S&M, it would create chaos in the markets. There must be literally billions of these things just floating around wasted in-game.

I'd say just get rid of them and replace the drops with something else.

04-Oct-2019 07:15:59

I ate all
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I ate all

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What if Stone Spirits were all turned into a Stone Spirit currency, and on conversion they were turned into X currency depending on tier (Ex: Necrite Stone spirits become far more Stone Spirit currency than Coal Stone Spirits).

Then this currency behaves like Dragon trinkets, being consumed for various Mining/Smithing benefits, while retaining the ability to double ores at the cost of spirits.

There could be additional benefits like gaining a temporary Mining/Smithing skill boost, slowing heat drain rate, or chance of saving porter charges while mining.

If miners used these benefits frequently in mining, it would drive up the demand for Stone Spirit currency, and in turn increase the value of such drops.
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04-Oct-2019 20:06:32

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I have never made an actual forum contribution in my 10 years of RuneScape, until now.

After 6 month hiatus from the last time I played (around M&S rework) I came to make my first contribution too agree that Stone Spirits are trash.

I hoped that this short break would see these removed, but I am as disappointed as everyone else. Like most PVMer's who are complaining about this, nothing bothers me more than seeing my kill drop an item that is worthless. It can get profit but not immediately, rather it requires pointless extra work. The inventory it takes to kill a round of Nex and the 80 Luminite spirits she drops is greatly imbalanced. I understand Jagex does not want players to get the ore without mining it themselves, but I don't want the ore, I want the profit - and that stone spirit drop is worth nothing. The time it takes to take the stone spirit and mine something from it is worth less than making money otherwise.

Others have suggested tweaking it, let it be disassembled, give it double XP as well, etc. Just remove it, I don't want to see this item dropped, it's useless.

On the other hand, this item is SO GOOD, that it should be a SUPER RARE drop, I'd say a good start would be 1/1000 drop rate.

15-Nov-2019 07:05:06

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stone spirits have no place on the drop table of high level monsters and bosses.

I did an hour of nex the other day and actually lost money on the instance cost alone, not even factoring in overloads, bolts or the nihil pouch. an hour that actually would have been pretty good if rune ores hadn't been replaced with stone spirits.

Its time for jagex to put their hubris aside and listen to the thousands of players that have been complaining about stone spirits for the last year instead of nerfing mining to force people to use them. they are trash, were always trash and its time to just remove them from some drop tables.

05-Dec-2019 03:42:56

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