elite armor repair/effect

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Ace Sparrow
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Ace Sparrow

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this armor outside of elite dungeon is almost unusable for of cost, they have mention multiple time that they are at some point going to make the armor repairable and add effects

1. to repair i suggest we make and invention item shard of tectonic , shard of sirenic
a. to make shard of tec it be 12 dragonic energys , 1 tectonic energy, 1 stone of binding
b. to make shard of sir it be 12 ancient scales,1 sirenic scale , 1 alargum thread
2. it will take 10 shards to fully repair the armour 5 for body 3 for legs and 2 for helm

this will help preserver the value of the items , and make the armor viable repair cost avg
45m-65m and more on par with masterwork
3. effects adding any dps effect get shotdown right away always so effect i suggest
a. elite tectonic increase time of cast debuffs by 100% making things like vul last 2 mins
b. elite sirenic ablity alows you to hold both arrows and bolts.

just a suggestion probably better effects out there to pick from , thanks all for the read

14-Aug-2019 18:21:08

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Both is basically planned for a while already, albeit I do not know the exact numbers required to repair that stuff. The original proposed effect was increasing the potency of death's swiftness and sunshine respectively, but that was scrapped after community feedback - also not sure what the new effect is supposed to be. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

15-Aug-2019 06:58:10

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