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Amaterasu Mi

Amaterasu Mi

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For February 13th I'm going to guess....

-- 1-pointers --
1) Mage Training Arena bush (slim chance of Al Kharid cactus)
2) Port Khazard barrel
3) McGrubor's Wood bush (slim chance of Witchaven rock)
4) NW-of-Ardougne bush
5) Observatory crate (slim chance of Ice Mountain rock)

== 2-pointers ==
1) Piscatoris crate (slim chance of Keldagrim rock)
2) Jatizso rock
3) Jatizso bush (slim chance of Neitiznot bush)
4) Dragontooth Island crate
5) Ape Atoll bush (slim chance of Ape Atoll barrel)
) Canifis crate or Canifis bush most likely (other possibilities are Miscellania bush, Feldip bush, Piscatoris crate and Neitiznot rock)

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