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Termluke said:
Heads up The falador range house trap has basically been killed off as 2 NPCs related to the quest now live there

Just to expand on why the trap has been killed.
The two NPC in that house (Phil and Delphie) can be herded out of the house.

From what I've observed by watching them is that their southern most boundary is the row outside the house (it is 8 squares long, starting at the west wall and ending at the east wall). This means that they can't be herded into the house next door.

Also if they are outside the house and the door is left open they can walk north into the house without needing someone to bump them in. I had one of them in the house and watched as the one outside walked right back in on it's own while no one else was around.

Throw in the fact that once an NPC is in the house it can self trap itself into the spec. Thus making it possible for the NPC to bump a penguin out of the spec.

So as Term has stated because of these two NPC the Falador range house spec has been killed.

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