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Current/last known locations on
World 71

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1. Ice Mountain rock

- Trapped inside Draynor Manor pantry
* Please close doors *

2. Wizards' Tower bush

- Trapped inside Varrock Palace garden, east of Varrock Palace
* Please spy away from the entrance *

3. Wizards' Tower bush #2

- Trapped at the small trap northwest of wounded soldier on the path to Death Plateau
* Please spy from a distance *

4. Goblin Village bush

- Trapped inside the Generals' house in Goblin Village
* Please close doors *

5. Digsite rock

- Trapped at big blue urn on the hill south of Digsite
* Please spy from a distance *

2 points

6. Southern desert cactus

- Trapped inside the L-shaped building south of Sumona in Pollnivneach
* Please close the curtain *

7. Southern desert cactus

- Last spotted northeast of Shantay Pass
* Please spy from outside of its' room *

8. Mort Myre rock

- Trapped inside the northwest room of Fenkenstrain's Castle
* Please spy from outside of its' room *

9. Ape Atoll barrel

- Confined to the jungle, outside the city gate
Quest requirement: Start Monkey Madness

10. Feldip bush

- Trapped at Seers' Village anvil building
* Please spy from a distance *

11. Feldip bush

- Trapped inside the south wing of Ardougne Castle
* Please close doors *
Quest Requirement: Complete Back to the Freezer.

Additional spy after completing Hunt for Red Raktuber:

The polar bear (1 point) is inside

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