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Whispering Rules

(1) Please wave to a Whisperer if you see one bonding with a penguin.

(2) Please keep within the spirit of the game and refrain from disrupting the herding and trapping activities. This also includes posts on the thread that are inappropriate, confusing, and/or disruptive to maintaining accurate communication.

(3) The Penguin Whisperers operate on world 71. Please do not report locations from other organised penguin hunting world threads, as these worlds already have their own threads.

(4) Respect our open and friendly community atmosphere. If someone is irritating you or provoking you in game while spying penguins, the best solution is to place them on ignore.

(5) If you want to learn more about hunting, herding and trapping, ask advice from those who are with you. Perhaps you can teach each other some new tricks of the trade.

(6) We really welcome people posting updates as they spy, even if it is simply to confirm that the locations are correct.

(7) We kindly ask you to keep in-game issues in-game.

(8) Above all: Sit back, relax and have fun!
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