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Masterbands FC - Recruitment Thread

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Welcome to the official Masterbands recruiting thread! Masterbands was founded by yours truly, Win2tank and Thaw. We have decided to create Masterbands to build a strong FC to bring down any enemies we face. We are one of the most successful FCs out there, that do Warbands today. We are one of the safest FCs to loot 75/75 supplies. We do not tolerate leechers, who are just here to just loot, without any gear or weapons. You will need to be combat ready to take on any opponent. You will be asked to PK at any given moment during the wave if the need arises, help out our allies, and partake in any post-wave wars or training sessions that may occur.

We will strive to do our best to get everyone 75/75, after the world has been cleared of all enemies and threats. Our FC will be filled with Warbanders, who will work together to remove any and all players not affiliated with the FC, within the vicinity of the camp. We will fight off any attacks/attempts to crash that may happen, without warning.

We are looking for Warbanders who have superior PKing skills/experience than the average Warband looter, who will fight to the very end, and destroy all enemies that we come across. Therefore, anyone who wishes to join this FC will need to post an application, found below, and agree to follow all our rules and commands given throughout the wave.

This FC will be locked to ranks only during Warbands. Aside from Warbands, the FC may partake in other optional events, throughout the day, such as PKing, Bossing, or playing various minigames, during which, the FC may be locked.

Our Discord:

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†/2 - Table of Contents \†___________________________________

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction and Welcome Message

2. Table of Contents

3. Ranking System

4. Rules

5. Gear Requirements

6. Gear Requirements Continued

7. A Brief History

8. Application Process

9. Foreign Affairs

10. Executive Orders

11. Dedications

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†/3 - Ranking System \†_____________________________________

FC Owners/Co-Owners

Reny S





Rank given to those who have been accepted on the forum.

Rank given to smileys who have actively participated in Warbands with for a few weeks.

Rank given to recruits who have passed the combat trial.

Rank given to active and skilled corporals, for their PKing skills, time, and dedication to the FC. Rank is also given to active and skilled scouts and hosts-in-training.

Rank given to talented PKers, Scouts, and long-time members who have earned our trust and for their dedication to the FC, such as by frequently scouting and for their performance during the wave. Rank also given to newly promoted hosts.

Rank given for veteran FC members, who are very active, constant scouts, great hosts, and frequent participants in wars during and post waves, and overall help for the betterment of the FC.

Rank given to deserving Captains who have displayed long term loyalty and involvement in FC. It is given to Captains who have made a substantial impact on the FC through frequent hosting, scouting, management, and ingenious ideas.

Founders of the FC and distinguished Generals.

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†/4 - Rules \† _____________________________________________


-No off-topic chat during Warbands

-Do not disrespect or flame anybody in the FC. Racism, sexism, and other similar inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

-Do not join the FC if you are not going to participate.

-Do not join the FC if you are not interested in PKing during the wave if the need arises. You may be needed to help defend the FC from any enemies or help out our allies.

-You must come to camp with proper gear, if you die re-gear before coming back.

-You must bring proper gear and a proper weapon in order to loot. This includes bringing a tier 67+ BOB.

-You must quickly re-gear, should you die in any battle, and promptly come back to help out the FC and/or allies. (Use bank preset for your Warbands gear and inventory).

-All whites are KOS! No Exceptions!

-Legacy mode is not allowed.


-Follow all directions given throughout the wave by leaders of the FC.

Discord Usage

Discord is an essential part of Warbands, as it allows much for faster voice communication during wave. It makes warbands smoother for the player and easier to partake in. A microphone and speaking are absolutely in no way required when using this FC's Discord.
Please note: You will not be allowed to join without Discord.

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†/5 - Gear Requirments \† ________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Gear Requirements:

The following items are the minimum gear requirement for each style.

-Rings (Required): Ring of Wealth (4) (teleportation)
-Necklace (Required): Phoenix Necklace (wear) / Games Necklace in inventory (teleportation)
-Auras (Optional): Vamp/Penance/Ancestral Spirits
-Team cape (Required): Team-29 Cape

Gear requirements - (Range):

-Weapon (2h): Nox Bow>Decimation>Wyvern Crossbow>Strykebow>Attuned Crystal Bow>Royal Crossbow
-Weapon (Dual wielding): Ascension Crossbow>Shadow Glaive>Death lotus darts>Chaotic crossbow
-Headgear: Death Lotus Mask>Karil's Coif>Royal d'hide coif
-Body: Death Lotus Body>Karil’s Top>Royal d'hide body
-Legs: Death Lotus Chaps>Karil’s Skirt>Royal d’hide chaps
-Boots: Snakeskin or Turoth Boots
-Gloves: Royal Vambraces

Gear requirements - (Magic):

-Weapon (2h): Nox Staff>Sup. Zuriel’s Staff>Obliteration>Staff of Darkness>Chaotic Staff
-Weapon (Dual wielding): Seis Wand> Cywir Wand>Attuned Crystal Wand>Virtus wand
-Headgear: Seasinger's Hood>Ganodermic Visor>Griffolic Visor>Lunar>Skeletal
-Body: Seasinger's Robe Top>Ganodermic poncho>Griffolic poncho>Lunar>Skeletal
-Legs: Seasinger's Robe Bottom>Ganodermic leggings>Griffolic leggings>Lunar>Skeletal
-Boots: Ganodermic Boots
-Gloves: Ganodermic Gloves

Gear Requirements continued below...

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†/6 - Gear Requirments Continued \† ________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Gear requirements - (Melee):

-Weapon (2h): Nox Scythe>Sup. Vesta’s Spear>Annihilation>Dragon Rider Lance>Attuned Crystal Halberd>Chaotic Maul
-Weapon (Dual wielding): Drygore>Blade of Nymora>Chaotic
Headgear: Tetsu Helm>Barrows>Dragon Med Helm>Rockshell
-Body: Tetsu Platebody>Barrows>Dragon Chain body>Granite Body>Rockshell
-Legs: Tetsu Platelegs>Barrows>Dragon Platelegs>Granite Legs>Rockshell
-Boots: Dragon Boots>Rockshell Boots
-Gloves: Dragon Gloves>Rockshell Gloves

Level 120 combat is required. Your application will not be considered if you are below level 120 combat.

You may use a tier 70 off-hand if you are planning to dual wield.

A level 67+ BOB with filled with foods/pots is always required!

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†/7 - A Brief History \† ____________________________________________

The Beginning

Masterbands has its origins beginning in Win2tank FC under the WBG Alliance. The first wave ever hosted by the FC was on August 10th, 2013. Over the coming weeks, the FC expanded to include two new hosts, hosting under their own FC's: Wildhorse 197 and The Blue G. While The Blue G became inactive, Wildhorse 197 left Win2tank's FC and decided to form a new independent FC which foundered two months later.

The Creation of Masterbands

Win2tank Fc expanded once again to include Thaw FC. The two leaders decided to form one FC, so members did not have to keeping hopping between FCs each time there was a Warbands wave. In March of 2014, Win2tank and Thaw created a single FC: Masterbands. The idea of creating a single FC was a success and Masterbands continued to grow stronger and stronger, and in due time it grew to be one of the strongest FCs in the WBG alliance.


With a lot of drama and corruption in the WBG alliance, Masterbands decided to leave the alliance on August 3rd, 2015 and form an alliance with Wbs M8 and 103 Wbs. Later Masterbands had alliances with the following FCs: Blu3monsters, Synergy Wbs, Requiem Wbs, Illuzion Warbands, Wbands1, AtomicPK, and OblivionPK. Following the dissolutions of these alliances, Masterbands allied with 103 Warbands with whom we are currently allied with and wish many successes and victories to.

Over the five years that Masterbands has been running, we have seen a myriad of FCs form and collapse and we have also seen the rise and fall of many alliances. We are proud to have outlasted the numerous FCs and alliances that have existed. We invite you to become a member of this proud tradition. Apply Today!

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†/8 - Application Process\†___________________________________

Fill out an application by replying to this thread. In your post, please fill out all questions:


-Combat Level:
-What clan are you a part of?:
-How did you hear about us? If you have a referral or vouch please name them:
-Have you completed the quest Summer's End for Corp Cave teleport?:
-Will you follow all our rules and gear requirements, including our tier 80 weapon requirement?:
-Have you had any experience with other Warband-related FCs, if so, tell us which and if applicable, reason for leaving them:
-Will you add Masterbands to your Friends List?:
-Will you try to join FC at least 10 minutes prior to the start of Warbands?:
-Will you use Discord Voice during waves (microphone not required)?:
-Do you promise to not leave the event before the host calls over, knowing that if you do leave without a legitimate excuse you will be removed from the FC?:
-Any additional comments/information you would like us to know:

Submit the application on our discord for faster acceptance!

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†/9 - Foreign Affairs\†___________________________________

We in Masterbands love doing Warbands and think they're great. One of the reasons they're great, other than for the hefty amount of XP one can gain in a short amount of time, is because they take place in the Wilderness, and we strongly believe in PKing for our loot, as that is why they were placed in such a dangerous place. There exist many alliances that hold a monopoly on the Warbands community that try and make the wilderness a safe place; we will not hesitate to fight against any FCs that may come across our path.


Our allies are those with whom we work with on a very close level, who share the same mission as Masterbands does. Those FCs are:

None. We are a rogue fc.


Because of the constant changes in the numerous alliances that exist, the list will not be posted here.


Our sponsors are those FCs that do not partake in Warbands but fully endorse and support our cause and help recruit new members. Those FCs are:

Raid FC

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†/10 - Executive Orders \†_____________________________________

Here are the most recent executive orders:

ºEffective March 16th 2016: Alliance with Wbs M8 terminated. New team-capes.

ºEffective March 17th 2016: Alliance with Blu3 Monsters. New team-capes.

ºEffective April 20th 2016: TeamSpeak is mandatory for new applicants seeking acceptance into the FC.

ºEffective May 20th 2016: Promotion of Ebu to Admin of the FC.

ºEffective July 8th 2016: New Thread (Version 3).

ºEffective September 19th 2016: Alliance with Blu3 Monsters, Requiem Wbs, and Synergy Wbs. New team-capes.

ºEffective November 24th 2016: Alliance with Blu3 Monsters, Requiem Wbs, and Synergy terminated. New team-capes.

ºEffective December 11th 2016: Alliance with AtomicPK, Illuzion Warbands, Wbands1. New team-capes.

ºEffective December 23rd 2016: Promotion of Artisin and Heathciff to Admins of the FC.

ºEffective January 6th 2017: Alliance with 103 Warbands and AtomicPK.

ºEffective March 18th 2017: Promotion of Renyzen to Admin of the FC.

ºEffective June 23rd 2017: Alliance with AtomicPK terminated.

ºEffective June 25th 2017: Alliance with 103 Warbands and OblivionPK.

ºEffective August 6th 2017: Alliance with OblivionPK terminated.

ºEffective August 11th 2017: Promotion of Renyzen to Co-Owner of Masterbands.

ºEffective October 13th 2017: New Thread (Version 4).

ºEffective December 22nd 2017: Promotion of Artisin to Co-Owner of Masterbands.

ºEffective April 18th 2019: De-allied with 103 Warbands. Masterbands are now a rogue fc.

Inquire in FC for more information.

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