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S arah

S arah

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14-Sep-2018 01:43:42

Akii Ross
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Akii Ross

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I thought this was an FC for the events at the fishing HUB but so far all I have seen is people searching for the merchant, they have no interest in the other events, I assumed it was for all the events at the hub We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

21-Oct-2018 16:29:18

Too Flashy

Too Flashy

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Nice powertrip, banning people from your discord because they got mad at you about being spam pinged instead of laughing about it? Yikes.

Your discord is really useful, don't turn it into a pile of garbage by doing childish stuff like spam pinging your members to make them think their item is in stock at the merchant

05-Feb-2019 21:23:21 - Last edited on 05-Feb-2019 21:43:01 by Too Flashy

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It's too bad that quite often the chat is full of people just sitting in the lobby, including ranks. Makes it difficult at times to join chat because it's full of lobbiers. Ranks that don't do anything to keep things running smoothly should lose their rank. Give ranks only to those who help. JS

08-Feb-2019 18:46:29

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