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Yak Army

Yak Army

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(¸.´ (¸. Yak Army Recruitment Thread!

- Introduction

The friends chat we know today as "Yak Army" was created in w48 on the day the D&D was released, we weren't always in the position we are today, we once lacked members in order to keep the friends chat running, but we managed to take on every obstacle that stood in our way, and now here we are, growing bigger and stronger each and every day. On March 19th, we officially left the
alliance, to seek independent adventure. Here we remain, standing strong, with active members ready to take on the challenges ahead. ~Yak Army


- Always have fun!
- Never avoid a fight, fight back when a fight presents itself.
- Work as a team, leave as a team.
- Warband supplies are a reward, not a free demand.

Allies listed below:


Neutral FC's listed below:


- Leaders/Generals (Owner/Co-Owners/Anti-leaders):

- Dil [Owner]
- Pablo
- Gren
- Scottish
- Axel
- Pseudo

- Captains (Regular hosts/Anti-leaders):

- Futon
- Masterfarmer
- Mobin
- Salty Chips
- Siducky
- Tetrisgod
- Zeri

- Lieutenants

- Always Mad
- Arc L

- Drowns
- Legend Tales
- Markyz
- Sid L
- Tombstone309

- Inactive Captains/Lieutenants:

- Apricity
- Byrd
- Lunastra
- Nem Oh

This is mainly a recruitment thread. No Flaming/Trolling. :)

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Yak Army

Yak Army

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(¸.´ (¸. Requirements:

- 130+ Combat
- 67+ Summoning (Pack Yak - Recommended)
- 2000+ Total Level
- Turmoil(s)/Overloads (Recommended)


- Level 60+ Armour (Barrows Top or Bottom required, just one or the other)
- Level 80+ Main-hand weapons (Drygore/CLS or Maul - Recommended)
- Level 60+ Off-hand Weapons (Enhanced Excalibur - Recommended)


- Level 65+ Armour (Grifolic/Barrows top or bottom required, one or the other)
- Level 80+ Main-hand weapons (Chaotic Staff or Virtus Wand - Recommended)
- Level 60+ Off-hand weapons (Abyssal Orb - Recommended)


- Level 65+ Armour (Karils Top/Royal Chaps/God Coif or Treasure hunter helms - Required)
- Level 80+ Main-hand weapons (Death Lotus Darts or RCB - Recommended)
- Level 80+ Off-hand weapons (Death Lotus Darts - Recommended)

Shield Policy

No shields allowed, unless told otherwise.

Accessories: (All Mandatory)
- Phoenix Necklace
- Gloves for your chosen style
- Boots for your chosen style (Silverhawks "all styles" or Skirmisher "Range only" - Recommended)
- Ring Of Wealth (4)

Other Requirements: (All Mandatory)
- Always re-gear if you die. (Multiple sets of gear is required)
- Always have our team cape in your inventory at all times.
- Beast of Burden with food at all times.

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Yak Army

Yak Army

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(¸.´ (¸. Ranking:

New Member (Smiley):

Given to those recently added, waiting to be trialed. Will change to recruit if he/she passes his/her trial.

Recruit (1-stripe):

Given to those who pass their PvP trial against one of our trial ranks. Ranks can always be revoked and if he/she ends up a smiley. He/she will need to re-trial in order to get their recruit rank back.

Corporal (2-stripes):

Given to anyone who scouts and knows what they're doing while scouting, defending worlds, decent Pkers, those who show improvements while PKing.

Sergeant (3-stripes):

Given to our most trusty Scouts/PKers, the ones who Scout/PK more frequent than others.

Lieutenant (Bronze Star):

Given to our most active PKers/Scouts & new Hosts. Will be discussed among other star ranks before this rank is given.

*Captain (Silver Star):

Given to those who Host/Scout/PK more frequent than others. This rank is given to our veteran members who meet at least 2/3 of our requirements, will be discussed among our Generals before this rank is given.

*General (Gold Star):

Until further notice, will only be given to Owner/Co-Owners of the friends chat.

*Owner and co-owners will decide whether it is deserved and when it should be given.

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Yak Army

Yak Army

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(¸.´ (¸. Applications/Acceptance & Denial letters:

- Example on how an application should look:

What is your RSN and previous name?:
[your RSN here]

What is your total level and combat level?:

If you had to rate yourself as a PKer between 1-10, what would you rate yourself?:

What is your preferred combat style(s)?:

What clan are you currently in?:

Previous WB's FC? If so, reason for leaving?:

Which friend referred you to our friends chat thread? (If any):

Do you accept our Rules & Requirements?:

What time zone do you live in?:

We have a TeamSpeak 3 server, will you be willing to join the server any wave you attend?:

Any additional comments?:

Letter of acceptance:

Congratulations, [name here] you have been accepted to trial for Yak Army!

You have been given a smiley rank in the friends chat. Feel free to contact one of our Lieutenant - Generals to trial you, names of the Lieutenant+ that you may contact regarding your application, can be found on the front page of our forum thread! (this must be done before you can attend a wave!)

P.S. Your application will be discarded, in one weeks time, if you forget to PM a general regarding it. Thanks!

Letter of denial:

Unfortunately, [name here] you did not pass the application for Yak Army.

[our reason here] Feel free to contact one of our Generals regarding the reason behind your letter of denial, names of those ranks can be found on front page of our forum thread! Thanks for your time! :)

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Yak Army

Yak Army

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(¸.´ (¸** PKing Trial:

Why do you need a PK trial in order to join?

We want to make sure you know the basic knowledge of how the abilities work, in order to figure that out, one of our Lieutenant+ will trial you in a 1 versus 1 fight. Either at Clan Wars (Safe FFA) also known as "White Portal" or Duel Arena.

What will I need for this "PK Trial" and how long will it take?

The gear you will need is depending on you. Whatever you use during an actual warbands event will be the gear you should use, the person trialing you will then wear similar gear to yours. The trial should never take more than 30 minutes, but in some cases it does. Don't fear, it's better to learn more than know less.

Will I have to beat the person trialing me in order to get accepted?

Yes/No. Depending on the person trialing you, beating them will definitely prove that you know how to defend yourself and will be even closer to getting accepted. But a new recruit who can't kill the person trialing can still join the friends chat, however, he/she should be willing to learn before he/she is accepted. We will always give tips to better you. We are not strict with trials and aim to better even the worst of PKers and as long as the person being trialed shows improvements, they will surely get accepted. :)

Terms and Conditions

By joining this friends chat i.e. (your name), you hereby accept all rules and regulations that are bounded by this friends chat, and Jagex. Any breech of the above rules and regulations, will result in immediate/progressive action; whereby you will be kicked on a low end, up to removal. Moreover, if there are allegations brought forth against you, whereby there is reasonable grounds to suspect you are a threat to the friends chat, an investigation will commence to determine possible status in the friends chat.

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