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Hey Cosm0!

My name is Dragonz809 and I am formally inviting you to check out our clan, Kia Kaha. We are an active, social, diverse, community-focused clan that is there to help and guide any clanmates, that includes you! We also host a variety of events, from skilling competitions to doing PvM from time to time. All of our events are completely OPTIONAL so you don't have to feel the pressure. Please feel free to join us as a guest and if you are interested, we hope to see you soon!

To learn more, our QFC is 288-289-170-66118388.

"Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly, everyone died. The end."
Are you looking for an active clan? Check us out, Kia Kaha, for more information!

04-Oct-2019 01:14:52

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