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You sound like you'd fit right in here my dude. Welcome back to rs as well. Ill drop an invite in case you would like to check us out. Cheers :)



Peaceful Bonds


Our clan focus is to provide a fun, stress-free and peaceful
atmosphere to enjoy our favorite game and unwind with
good friends! We welcome any player, any level, all iron
accounts, and both f2p and p2p scapers! Whilst we have no
requirements to join, we've got some serious citadel work
ahead of us!

Challenge accepted!


active discord with voice
citadel work & weekly bonus buffs

laid back, helpful, easy adult chat
casually held events: bossing and skilling

xp based, activity, and capping based ranking system

For further info:

contact one of our Admin+

drop by our cc
Peaceful Bonds

reply on our forum recruitment thread, qfc:
Click Here

¸*´¨ ¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨ ¨*¸

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02-Oct-2019 19:38:12

Mobile Data

Mobile Data

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Mobile Data
Is a 90 combat+ 1250 total PVM/Skilling clan, we are a brand new clan that 3 friends decided to make that want to build a tight knit community.

We are aiming to have…

Pet of the week
Corp Events
Pest Control event
GWD Events
Rev Events

And many more, If you’re interested please message me for a discord invite it also holds loads of great information,321,843,66122173

03-Oct-2019 17:10:57

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Just finished Plague's End myself!

• • •
Ceres is Recruiting, and we want YOU!
• • •

As a clan, we focus on the social aspects of Runescape - getting to know your fellow heroes and heroines - and provide a helpful, friendly and fun atmosphere in CC and our Discord. We have no requirements to join and welcome everyone with open arms. There are no mandatory event or capping requirements.

What we have to offer:

» FUN!
» Bossing Expeditions
» Skilling Competitions
» Clan Events
» Discord Channel
» Helpful Members
» Good looking Sense of Humor

Clan Details

Established: September 2017
Owners/founders: Omgosh Lili, Fionna Fiers
Clan Chat: Ceres
Home Worlds: 4 (P2P), 3 (F2P)
Citadel Tier: 7 (FULLY STOCKED - capping optional)
Build Tick: Monday 0200 Game Time
Timezone: +00:00 Game Time - members in North America, Europe, New Zealand and other locations, so there's always someone around.

(most, if not all, of our members are 18+ given our typical conversation, heavy sarcasm, and sometimes questionable sense of humor)

For more information or to become part of the clan, join Ceres Clan Chat as a guest & ask anyone online for an invite, reply to our
Recruitment Thread
or pm a leader! :)

MommaFoxFire & Council Members

03-Oct-2019 18:43:49

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Hello Eleazar!

We (Catherby) are a medium sized clan with loads of friendly players. We keep an amazing atmosphere for people to play in. Regular events are being hosted and we have a T7 Citadel for you to skill in!

If you're interested or got any more questions feel free to drop by in our clan chat "Catherby" or send me a PM in game.

Hope to see you soon!
Recruiter of Catherby.

03-Oct-2019 19:59:53

Jr The Black
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Jr The Black

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Slayer Lair 2.0

I am here to invite you to the
Slayer Lair 2.0
. We are a
Social and Community Clan
filled with
, and
Ironman players
. If you're looking for a clan that offers a
experience that is more than just a "clan"
then consider
Slayer Lair 2.0!

Our clan is looking to recruit Ironman, Mainscape New Players, Mainscape Returning players, and Veterans who want a long term home while supporting new friends and players.

Forum QFC:
Home World:
Clan XP Rank:
Top 300 Clans in XP
Clan Founded:
May 29, 2013
Clan Chat:
Slayer Lair -Guest Pin 2722

No Entry Requirements
Members Online 24/7
Mature, Helpful, Friendly Chat
150+ Members with 95% Clan Activity Ratio
Discord Voice Chat
Grand Tier 7 Citadel w/ Dragon and 3 Avatars
Dedicated Ironman Support!
Powerful Offsite Website and Forums
Unique Event Experiences

Clan Events and Support Include...
Boss Masses
God Wars 1 and 2
Elite Dungeon 1 Token Farming
Elite Dungeon 2 Full Runs
Elite Dungeon 3 Money Farming
Reaper Partners
Ironman Support and Teaming
New Player Support and Coaching
Returning Player Advice and Networking

Click here to read our forums!


Jr the Black

Clan Owner

Jr the Black
- The original
Dark Mage

Clan Owner and Founder of
Slayer Lair
, a Multi-platform Community Clan

Join Slayers!

03-Oct-2019 21:13:09

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Hey Eleazar!

My name is Dragonz809 and I am formally inviting you to check out our clan, Kia Kaha. We are an active, social, diverse, community-focused clan that is there to help and guide any clanmates and have fun together! We also host a variety of events, from skilling competitions to doing PvM from time to time. All of our events are completely OPTIONAL so you don't have to feel the pressure. Please feel free to join us as a guest and if you are interested, we hope to see you soon!

To learn more, our QFC is 288-289-170-66118388.

"Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly, everyone died. The end."
Are you looking for an active clan? Check us out, Kia Kaha, for more information!

04-Oct-2019 01:22:07

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