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You have been formally invited to DysF
uncTionaL MaFiA!

We are an upcoming 18
+ social clan based in the

UK time zone, an
d are looking for new faces to add to our

Why are we dysfunctional?

Cause we like a little rebellious and warped sense of f
un! Social

misfits are welcome here! We take in p2p &
f2p players alike,

and have no level requirements to
join other than be friendly

and fol
low Jagex Rules.


- What we have to offer you -

• Weekly Events
• Experienced advice
• Discord with voice chat
• Friendly active clan chat
• PVM Bossing(All tiers) (Learners welcomed)
• Citadel in progress

Discord Link: NYqHtVw
Clan Chat: Dysfunctional Mafia
Forum QFC: 290-291-451-66121914

03-Nov-2019 03:26:39

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Hey There :) Welcome back to the game!

I have a clan that does Barrows RoTS, Elite Dungeons, Vorago, Nex AOD, Normal Nex and Kalphite King. Also Raids such as BM and Almost Yaka. We're a friendly bunch and Uk Based but try to make our events work for everyone to attend from all over such as the USA/India etc. We also have daily clan events such as PVM/Skilling/PVP/competitions and more! For clan events, the PVM is more around GWD dungeons etc

I've added you in-game also.

Here is my discord: Serean#4239

Hope to hear from you soon!
Leader of Secluded Empire clan
Leader of Secluded Raiding team
Discord -Serean#4239
Reddit - u/Sereann

03-Nov-2019 07:47:25

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I'm Cekkie from the Clueless Adventurers Clan.
*The Clueless Adventurers clan is primarily a skilling clan with a tier 7 citadel.
*We are very stable and have been around for over 10 years.
*The clan is highly organized with a mature leadership team.
*We have a fair mix of adults and members of all ages.
*We have many planned clan events, activities and competitions.
*We have very supportive knowledgeable members willing to share ideas.
*A very friendly family type of atmosphere.
*The Clan is based off site of Runescape on our own forums.
The clans primary purpose is to provide a fun supportive clan experience. We wish that experience to be devoid of any controversy , drama and or swearing of any kind. Including abbreviated.
We have a lot of high level players that share their ideas as we all skill together. We regularly have people fighting monsters/bosses together as well :)
I like our members to feel like one big family.
The clan maintains a recruitment thread on the runescape forums which details what our clan is all about. Feel free to visit the clan chat (TCA).

Check out the recruitment page (code below) or feel free to message me if you have any questions!
Quick find code: 93-94-74-65565731

03-Nov-2019 13:10:06

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