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--- Sorrow Knights ---


Friendly, laid back community extending a warm welcome for anyone looking for a home.

Reasons to join? Well....

Active discord and clan chat.
Mature but laid back and not overly strict.
Active, knowledgeable and helpful members and leadership.
Members active in each timezone!!
Random clan movies streamed on discord.
Something for everyone, pvm, skillers, casual players - new and veterans alike.
Purple clan cape! And T7 citadel. (Non-mandatory capping)

Interested in joining?
Come guest in clan chat.

If you feel we're a good fit for you ask for an invite.
An admin can then link you to our discord server!

Feel free to contact me in game in well with any questions!
Sorrow Knights

24-Oct-2019 11:57:17

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Hiya General Nali!

•••••••Check out SmokeBreak•••••••
We're a newly formed Social/PvM clan that's open to all!

Requirements: Active Membership

Founded: 11 October 2019
Home Worlds: 84 & 89

We offer:
• Clan PvM (mid to high tier)
• Boss Events
• Rotation Teaching Events
• Social Events
• Discord Events
• Skilling Events
• Close Community
• Weekly Raffles
• Active Discord With Voice Channels

Current Requirements:
• RuneScape Membership

Clan Rules:
• ALL of JAGEX rules apply
• NO slander, racial slurs or derogatory terms in CC.
-cursing allowed as long as it’s not excessive or directed towards anyone-
• NO luring or scamming clan members. Doing so will result in an instant ban from CC
• NO killing clannies in the wildy
• Religion and politics are not to be brought up in CC. Please take those subjects to PM or FC to prevent arguments.
• NO rage quitting Clan PvM Events
• NO begging for money.
• Trust trading is done at your own risk

Not required, but greatly appreciated:
• Go above and beyond to be helpful (this will be noticed)
• Recruiting for the Clan
• Capping at the Citadel
• Welcome new members/guests to CC
• Host/Attend events for CC (this will be noticed)
• Bump our Forum

Due to us being a newly formed clan, we have a current Recruitment Program. You can earn in-game rewards for recruiting people and we will also host drop parties for meeting certain member milestones!

Our Active Discord:

Feel free to PM Xavvi, CaitBug, Vaerian or IFlameAlot or join SmokeBreak CC as a guest
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24-Oct-2019 12:07:49

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