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Solo Muffin
Mar Member 2019

Solo Muffin

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Hey! I would like to invite you to join

• We are the largest LGBT+ community in game

• Everyone is welcome!

• We are a well established clan with over 400 members.

• We have a very active Discord server!

• Capping and attending events is not mandatory and does not effect the ranking system.

General Information

• Homeworld: 23

•Timezone: Game time

•Number of members: 400+

•Citadel: Tier 7

•Discord available

•Weekly events

•Feel free to check out our
Recruitment Thread
if you are interested! You can also check out the clan via guesting we always have people online, Come and say hi!

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Proud Admin of the Diversity RS Discord

29-Oct-2019 07:12:13

King Stokes
Jul Member 2018

King Stokes

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E L Y S I A N   O R D E R
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Ge idling!

I know you don't like copy/paste so you are welcome to guest our cc and get to know us!

You have been invited to join Elysian Order.

We are a clan made up of new, returning and veteran players. We are a social, no requirement, positive and mature clan. Current member count -

We offer; Competitions, Raffles & Rewards, Active Discord, PvM/Boss Events, D&D Group Events, Point Based Progressive Ranking, T6 Citadel, Clan Leaderboards & RuneClan Tracking.

Recruiting for the following roles; Members, Event Admins and Clan Chat Moderators!

If you are interested in joining you can PM King Stokes or any
, Post on our forum thread by clicking here, visit our
Discord (
or join the clan chat and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have about us and/or invite you in!

We look forward to meeting you!

Owner of
¤ Elysian Order ¤


29-Oct-2019 20:24:44

Jul Member 2019


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Sorrow Knights

¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸ ¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨

Friendly, laid back community extending a warm welcome to anyone looking for a home.

Reasons to join? Well....

Purple clan cape
Do you need another reason?

Active discord and clan chat.

Tier 7 citadel and avatar boost.

Mature, laid back and friendly atmosphere.

Regular clan events, raids and more!

Members in multiple timezones!

Active, knowledgeable and helpful members and leadership.

Skilling, bossing, clan movies, a bit of everything for everyone.

Home World: 139

All guests welcome to join our community and just hang out.

Interested in joining?
Come visit our clan chat!
Sorrow Knights

31-Oct-2019 13:19:40

Jan Member 2018


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You have been invited to check out Ultimatums!


Homeworlds - 69 & 40
Citadel tier - 7 (with a clan Dragon)


Total level 2200+
Active membership

Highly recommended

(Mandatory for high level PVM events):

89+ Invention
96+ Herblore
95+ Prayer
T90+ Augmented weapon in either Magic or Ranged
T80+ Augmented power armour in either Magic or Ranged

Clan intro

We're an international PVM-driven Community clan that also values friendly, drama-free atmosphere and the social side of this game.
Our goal is to provide our members a place where they always feel welcomed, meet other like-minded people to enjoy the game with and have a special corner in Gielinor, which they can call home!

What we have to offer

Clan Raids
Active Discord server
Easy-going atmosphere
Bossing trips & teaching events
Skilling/Bossing competitions with rewards
Consistant Community events
'UltiTokens' Our own currency in the clan
Feedback system for members to share their ideas and concerns

Check out our recruitment thread for more information: FROM HERE

Discord server -

Ultimatums, Strive for Greatness

Ultimatums - 2200+ & Social, Active, Pvm Clan

Found what you're looking for? Guest freely or Pm me for more info!

31-Oct-2019 15:09:58

Ms aASHSteel
Oct Member 2004

Ms aASHSteel

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We cordially invite you to join The AFKers!

If you are looking for;

Non-elitist, non-arrogant, non-boastful environment
Helpful community
Respectful atmosphere
Then we are your go-to hub!

About The AFKers

The AFKers is a clan open to absolutely everyone! There are no combat/total level requirements.
We simply seek peaceful, respectful, and friendly players who love RS, and also love to AFK ^.^
We offer clan Discord and ask for all members to join if able.
Citadel capping is not required but highly appreciated!
Open for guests at any time, Join “The AFKers” in game clan chat.
We are a new, and small clan, which makes it the perfect opportunity to join and grow with us while getting to know everyone!

If interested in us, please join our CC for an invite, or add/speak to any of the Staff -
Ms aASHSteel, When All Day
PvM Leader - Vendyy
Quick find code: 290-291-399-66095987

Hope to see you soon!

Finally Maxed: 5/17/15
:P <3
The AFKers

01-Nov-2019 14:46:44

I am Jango
Oct Member 2014

I am Jango

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Come and sit, friend. You’ve had a long journey and I hope that here is where it ends. Within these walls lies a safe haven. There are those who’ve come before you, just as tired and weary, their eyes burning with the same fire that I now see in yours.

You have passion, skills, and a desire to hone them. I hope you'll choose to join us here in a place where others will not only aid you, but can learn from you as well.

Welcome to The Halls of Light!

› ... ‹

Members Only
No Requirements
Tier 7

We are a social/community clan aimed at providing a friendly environment for our members to chat, help each other, and just enjoy RuneScape. New or returning to RS? We love noobs!
Come sit with us! We are
The Halls of Light

02-Nov-2019 00:37:18

Jun Member 2016


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Heya GE Idling :)
Well.. i can read your post, so personalized reply - you got it lol
Im dep Owner of Peaceful Bonds, we are a relatively new clan since Aug this year, but our clan leader and myself, as well as a few members have been doing the clan thing for years too. So i get what you say about loyalty, i as well 6 years in my fav one lol So,, We're a social clan based in UK time, but its about 50/50 north american/eu members. We have about 100+, we are looking to get bigger. We do regular purges for in-actives, so if you look at our recruitment thread thats why our numbers fluctuate sometimes. We do have social events, usually at least - 1+ a week, sometimes more depending on host availability. Nothing mandatory with us, but we'd really like your help at the citadel and we try to do it as a group cause its funner that way. Some of our members really like to do ED3, war bands and such together as well as occasional Boss trips.
Social wise, our cc can be busy! but we have quiet times too which usually balance out. Our Discord is active, would be nice to get more voice chatters tho lol We are an adult clan and not strict on swearing and such - we arn't your parents. But we do ask clannies respect each other and keep the appropriate content in appropriate places lol

That said, only thing left to add is the invitation - would love to have ya guest and meet you!

Clan name/CC: Peaceful Bonds
¸*´¨ ¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨ ¨*¸

But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little
Just let me give you the freedom to dream



02-Nov-2019 12:57:29

Sen of Zaros
Jan Member 2019

Sen of Zaros

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Hey there Ge! I've read your post and believe The Mayhem Mafia might be a great fit for you!

We're a clan that started small and grew on the principle of welcoming everyone into our fold as a sort of new family. We hold events, but hold most closely to social life, as that is the aspect most enjoyed by us mobsters!

We have lots of great people in here and would love to see you come by to have a chat! You can pm me in game for a guest pin!
There is never really enough Slayer. c:

02-Nov-2019 13:42:00

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