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Try Hard Casuals

Laid back - Mature - Friendly - Community

If those points sound like you feel free to join our new(ish) clan.

Currently at 30 active members so you wont get lost in the masses.

We accept any levels, new players and veterans.

We look to help who ever we can and grow together.

Any level of participation is welcome all we ask is that you help us grow the citadel and cap weekly. (Benefits you also with the 6% exp boost)

Any questions reply here or add me in game - DaddyGamer1 or message Godz_Own

Look forward to hearing from you all!


14-Oct-2019 09:51:19

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This section is only for members looking for a clan, I am sure you're supposed to post a clan thread in other section, depending on what your clan is based on.

Recruitment – Under 100 Combat
Recruitment – 100 Combat and over
Recruitment - Skilling Clans
Recruitment - Social & Community Clans
Recruitment – Specialist, Questing & Minigames
Spirits of Arianwyn
Arquendi of Recruitment


14-Oct-2019 13:23:51

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14-Oct-2019 15:12:31

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This forum (
Recruitment – Looking for a clan
) is used for players to look for a clan. Thread is now closed.

You will need to create a new thread in only one of the forums linked above, based on the joining requirements.

Have a good day :)

14-Oct-2019 19:58:21

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