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Hunting for Nex
& God Wars Bosses!

Hi guys!

Welcome to new refreshed
Team Needed - Nex
GWD Bosses sticky
! :) As time went by, the activity on the previous GWD and Nex sticky has progressively declined, so it has now been merged together. :)

The God Wars Dungeon is without question one of the most dangerous places in Gielinor. Within the dungeon itself you will find a multicombat area filled with creatures that have spent the whole of their natural lives fighting. If you have never been to the God Wars Dungeon before, take only items you are willing to lose. This is not a warning that should be taken lightly.

Want to organise a team to fight one of the four God Wars Dungeon Bosses?

Ever wanted to take on the formidable
? Then use this thread to find a team!

Nex is the boss of the Zaros portion of the God Wars Dungeon. Nex does not belong to a race. She is a mixture of Vampyres, Icyene, Aviantese, and Demons, belonging to all, yet none of these races. Her history and origins are shrouded in mystery.

If you are looking for a team we ask that you don't post more than
once every ten minutes
, this is to avoid spamming the thread unnecessarily.

Spamming the thread with duplicate posts serves no useful purpose, is unfair on other players, and is likely to result in the removal of your posting abilities.

Posting template:

Nex/GWD Team: ( number of players) ( CS/LS )
Additional Info:
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