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Could someone explain this for me please? I am thinking that if say 100 items are needed for upkeep, and 1000 are collected, that the remaining 900 would stay in the storehouse (provided it is big enough) and be allocated as part payment for any structure flagged for upgrade. Is this correct or am I missing something very basic here? Giraffe 2837

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Before resources are treated as Surplus, they're first put towards Upkeep costs and then Upgrade costs (if any upgrades are set). The Storehouse saves surplus resources as a percentage up to a maximum cap based on its Tier. This chart from the Wiki explains it pretty well:

Since I'm not sure what your clan's Storehouse tier is, I can't give an answer that exactly answers your question regarding how many of those logs would be stored as that answer varies. However, the text under the Wiki's chart should provide a good example of how this works.

Additionally, upgrading the Storehouse should be a top priority when building a Citadel up as it increases the weekly cap of resources clan members can gather along with increasing the surplus of resources it will store.
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