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I am recruiting for my new clan The Simps, I would like anyone to join! Created on the 30/05/2020
and now with almost 100 members total!

Abit about our clan:

We are very active&responsive
We are very friendly.
We try and help everyone the best we can.
We do lots of Pvm.
We do Bossing.
We do skilling!

We have the Citadel and are currently working on it to make it better!
We only have Mining and Woodcutting at the moment. The more people that cap at the Citadel will only get them selfs XP + help the Citadel / Unlock new skills and what not :).

We also do have a discord for the clan! Anyone is welcome to join at:

If you would like to join please don't hesitate! You can either join the discord clan chat or pming my self in game! Many thanks,


26-Jun-2020 06:49:50

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