History about a clan?

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I'm the Deputy Owner of DemonSlayers since I joined the clan for a rebuild, but I want to know some more about the history of DemonSlayers.

I've heard that the clan was being used for Soul Wars?

The clan, with the clan system has been created on the 12th of April 2011, the date they released clans.

But, does anyone have the history from before that time? Feel free to share it here or contact me in the DemonSlayers Discord server:
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11-Aug-2020 09:20:39

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My clan was allied to yours pre eoc when your clan used the friend chat channel "Demonslay_cc" which back then was the original clan chats owned by 9paintballa9 and Ldykelvin. I'm sure there are enough videos on youtube floating around if you search runescape nwo soul wars or runescape demonslayers soul wars for history between our clans.
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13-Aug-2020 02:07:04

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