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Because you named a load of other games in competition with RuneScape I locked this thread.

This Game has a F2P section that many many players wish to play. I suggest you try it and if you then feel the need to pay for Membership then you do.

Ranting about Jagex and the cost is not for General Chat.

Most of your thread is a Rant. Rants don't belong in General Chat.

than where does it belong, iam a concerned adult, that whises to discuss this really god aweful microtrans action system and slot machine you made out of this game!.
dont close the thread, just because you dont like the topic!.,,

RS3 has been turned into a microtransaction slot machine worthy of any cellphone game, but this is not a cellphone game, this is a paid members game, and do not talk to me like i just walked into the door i have been here for over 13 years!!!!. i know this game probably better than you do!.

and i do not rant, i address a concern i have!, and the games i mentioned, are not competition for you!, because they are all so much better and cheaper!!!..

so again, where can we (the players) discuss this, or are you just gonna keep locking threads that touch on this subject???

and this game might have a free to play section, but this WHOLE GAME should be free to play, seeing the way you monitize it!, it is just utter greed!.
membership went from 5 dollar to 10 dollar, yet jagex is trying to squeeze more money out of its players at every corner like it was a free to play game!..

and this game is played by a lot of kids, and people who are not as strong willed as my self, and you gambling mechanics are just luring them into a life of gambling!, you as a company have a social responsibility!, and you just dont take on ANY responsibility, infact you are doubling down on more microtransactions and gambling mechanics!, and once again!, sooner, or later european countries will crack down on this!, if you as a company do not take responsibility!.

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There’s a Rants forum, that’s where rants go. You may want to discuss MTX, but what you say is just your own opinion spiced with unnecessary punctuation and lots of frustration, turning it into a rant. If I were a FMod, I’d lock this too for ranting, you’re just not offering a lot of subjects to actually discuss. Creator of the quarterly M.U.P.A.Q. and I.B.A.T.A.W.A.T. Awards™ and writer of the
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Burningwicky said:

Most of your thread is a Rant
. Rants don't belong in General Chat.

than where does it belong,

so again, where can we (the players) discuss this

Hello Burningwicky

Your question was already answered: rants. The rants forum is the appropriate place for a rant. This thread and your previous thread are rants. The Rants forum is only viewable/accessible if you are logged into the forums. This link will take you to the Rants forum where you can create a thread.

If you disagree with the way your threads have been modded, please use Forum Moderation Review instead of creating threads here in General.
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