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I'd like to put my faith in forum RNG.

As you can see, 660 kc and still no Karil's top :) Please everyone lend me your RNG so I may get a Karil's top in the name of FASHIONSCAPE!!!!!
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09-Nov-2019 17:17:58

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Good luck~ I gave up on that title... D:
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09-Nov-2019 17:22:38

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Stay with it and keep that determination - you never know when the RNG Gods could bless your drop - it could even be on the next kill! ;)

How long have you been working at it so far?

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09-Nov-2019 17:28:54

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Don't give up on the Brothers, they can be a bit selfish. Show them your determination and eventually, they will show some mercy. You win, they lose. Give up...they win you lose.

I've gotten rare drops within the first 5 kills. But then there's common drops I haven't gotten in 100 kills. A friend decided to try for the dragon vestige and got it on the first kill. Another friend has been trying, off and on, for a year and still doesn't have it. RNG can be a fickle competitor. Your determination dictates your success.

I direct this to the bravest and most holiest gods of RNG:

Please look favorablably upon this brave warrior, Lite Gaia. He has fought hard and has the highest determination of a good warrior. He is battling the Barrows Brothers, one of the toughest gangs in this land.

Warrior Lite Gaia needs the Karil top to continue to be successful in his quests for justice and balance. Please smile upon his most heroic efforts. Speak to Karil. Tell him it's time to stop his cunning selfishness and reward this Warrior with what he seeks and desires.

I am but a lowly captive in the realm of all you survey. Warrior Lite Gaia has shown his bravery and determination. Please give him a godly smile upon his worthiness.

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09-Nov-2019 18:28:53

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