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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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I think when examining ppl, you should be able to see who's on their ignore list. This would improve group bossing tremendously. Sometimes you're in a crowded world and you see the same person every day, but you might have had an argument so you can examine them and see if they ignored you. And for group bossing you could also know which players/groups to avoid if they have you ignored. Sometimes being banned from a fc/cc isn't enough if you're looking for a group to pvm with.

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26-Sep-2019 20:09:03

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No, absolutely no. People are entitled to their privacy. Same reason the friends list can't be viewed by others.

The only way I'd support this is if you could toggle it, and the default was set to 'private'.
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26-Sep-2019 20:09:49

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