Can't make dg outfit piece

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Molly Weazly

Molly Weazly

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eldar89 said:
I have all the dungeoneering fragments I need to make the last piece of the gorajan trailblazer outfit. I've made all the other pieces successfully, yet now, when I click on the invention workbench to manufacture the last piece, it just shows an empty progress bar. The bar sits there for about 2-3 game ticks, then it says "done" and closes out, but the fragments stay in my pouch and the last piece is not in my inventory. I've reported this as a bug 3-4 times now, but still nothing. Anybody know what the eff is going on? Starting to get really annoyed and frustrated by this, as I can't get the benefits of the warped outfit without that last piece.

Hmmm. The same happens to me and I reported it a couple of times as well. I checked my bank and Diango but still missing pieces. I hope that this won't take months before it's fixed but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

22-Sep-2019 05:36:38

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