Cancelled Weapons Update

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Randomly making my once-a-season fly-by when I saw this non-update. Was just going to post on Reddit, but since the entirety of it is microtransaction protests, I figured I'd ask here how others feel about the idea of having this update cancelled.

At first I thought, hey, this must really suck for anyone who was hoping they'd add some real reason to use one weapon over another. That's when my eyes settled on a curious little line: "Players were expecting utility benefits, similar to the two square attack of Halberds."

What? The weapon update didn't do that?

It made me respect the decision to cancel the update much more. After all, Runescape is at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to its combat, due to its point-and-click nature. Weapon diversity is fantastic, and you can spend literal hours in a game like Dark Souls researching, toying with weapons with different levels of reach, swing speed, ending lag, poise-break, moveset diversity, stunlock capacity, all before even getting to the actual damage. To have a weapon diversity update that basically only changed the damage numbers seemed to defeat the purpose of diversity.

But rather than just theorizing what makes a good weapons system, I'd rather ask the opinion of someone who was actually looking forwards to the update and/or got to try it out.

So I ask: those of you who dug into the promised update, or participated in the beta for it, what did you think of the update, and do you agree or disagree with the motion to cancel the update?

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The way they "cancelled" Weapon Diversity? Yes, because basically they are just shelving it. They will still work on it later when they more time.

I think I agree with it because I am more an episodic player than hardcore PvMer/PvPer.

20-Sep-2019 03:19:06

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