Skill Bonanza - Sceptre of G?

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Black Anubis
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Black Anubis

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Hello, online and in game there are different descriptions for the thieving bonusses.

- In game (events tab) it reads: "Thieving - Bonus chance on jewelled statuettes whilst wearing the ring of wealth and double chance of sceptre and Black Ibis drops at Pyramid Plunder"
- Online it reads: "Thieving: Pharaoh's Sceptre and Black Ibis outfit drops are twice as likely at Pyramid Plunder"

I wondered if the drop rate for Sceptre of the Gods is also x2?
Been wanting to get it for a long time, already have the Ibis pieces..

Thanks for info.. :)

05-Aug-2019 17:43:21

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