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Molly Weazly said:
Not that I don't believe you Trewaves but is there an official source?

Cuz I don't want to pay extra for temp bank space.

From the link to the RuneScape Support Centre:

"Added automatically to your account whilst a user is a Premier Club Gold User"

"What's the Premier Bank Space?

This is an additional 50 bank space exclusive to Premier Club Gold members. This bank space will be removed at the end of your Premier Club gold membership unless you purchase Gold again."
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here we are approaching the year 2020 with big data machine learning all across the world growing new innovation and marketing companies analyzing and saving every piece of data they can scrub from your online activities... and jagex wants to charge you a yearly subscription for 50 bank slots... ok bring back the lumbridge pig pit

16-Nov-2019 21:25:06

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