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"summer escape (read: ‘your escape from summer)’"

so what brain dead moron decided to give this (event?) a name so grammatically screwed up that you have to actually explain what it means in the main post about it?

did no one at jagex think "hey, if the names so shitty we have to explain what it means to people, maybe its not a very good name, and we should call it something else?"

i can only assume that English is not the first language of who ever came up with that title, are we to assume they were Chinese given who owns jagex now?

0/10 basically

05-Aug-2019 13:35:10

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I'm struggling to understand what the issue is as well. A lot people refer to their holidays during the summer as "summer escapes". Seems fine to me? Especially considering the context.

05-Aug-2019 13:43:13

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@Vaseth - I've locked your thread as you haven't provided any constructive feedback. Additionally, please do not insult people, specific nationalities and those who are not native speakers of English.
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