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Since yesterdays update I am struggling to read some of the text in game as it is too similar to the background. Please can you revert it back to how it used to be.

Please can you also consider people with poor eyesight when doing text updates, something that you have needed to do for a long time is make is possible to enlarge the text in chat windows.

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The new low-contrast text is dreadful. I struggle with contrast issues already with my eyesight, and this has made the game nearly unplayable for me. The new image-based login verification challenge (e.g., "Click all images that contain bicycles" ) likewise makes things next to impossible for the visually challenged.
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Pepi Herbert

Pepi Herbert

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Agreed so many things are adjustable in this game. Why can't text size and colour be one of them? I've got such bad eyesight as it is - this update just makes it that much harder.

Unless i missed something and it can be adjusted now? I looked but couldn't see. Pun intended.

03-Sep-2019 15:37:43

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Indeed. This needs to be fixed posthaste. The menus are all but unreadable due to text color being so light. Examples: Menu for attuned telport crystal, trimmed comp achievement for challenge scrolls--cannot tell which have been completed or not because the highlighted text is so dim its indistinguishable from the unhighlighted text.

It is beyond me why you people "fix" things that do not need fixing, only to mess the game up.

03-Sep-2019 16:01:57

Val Steri
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Yep. Was trying to see what insects from the Menaphos "All Abuzz" achievement I have - and I cannot tell. Do I still need to chop trees for one more bug? No clue from the achievement diary because there is no longer a visable contrast. The Menaphos book doesn't help - is that insect and text dimmed out or is the bug just lightly colored? Already have contrast on computer cranked for my bad eyes, this is ridiculous.

08-Sep-2019 21:25:20

Just Me Em
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Just Me Em

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I'm definitely also struggling with reading it.

I'm super dyslexic and all this screen time on runescape isn't great for the old eye sight. Adjustable text size and better colour contrast on text would honestly make this game so much less of an eye strain, because let's be honest we've all been playing for years and aren't getting any younger

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