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Up until recently if you right-clicked a tradable item in your inventory it would display the current G.E. price of the item both in your chat box and in a small pop-up box that lasts very briefly.

A recent update makes it so that it no longer displays in your chat box.

This feature was so useful and I really would like for it to be returned back to the game.

17-Jul-2019 00:07:23

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Agree wholeheartedly. I don't know how many times since this changed hit that I've had to click again, and sometimes yet again, to see the price in the brief pop-up, thinking that it would be in the chat box as well.

To me, this was an unforced error, and QOL downgrade.

Please put it back the way it was ....

17-Jul-2019 01:18:16

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Agreed. My solutions, in order of preference, I think:
Have the pop-up remain until click-closed.
Have both GE and Alch prices show in chat only.
Have the pop-up remain longer AND show both prices in chat.
Revert to the original where the GE price is in chat, and no Alch price shows. (Bad)
Keep it as is. (Worse)
Bite me.

17-Jul-2019 02:02:29

Peach Creek
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Peach Creek

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I thought it was a glitch just on my account. I'll just lay it out for Jagex... Put it back in the chat box... The way it is now, it flashes so f'ing fast, I don't have time to even read the price... Come on, get your head out of the proverbial sand, and listen to your paying members.... Place the price check upon (examine) back in the freaking chat box where it belongs.....

17-Jul-2019 04:02:25

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