Enhancers – counts wonky?

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Amaterasu Mi
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Amaterasu Mi

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Before the update, I counted my enhancers. I had:

- 91 Unfocused damage enhancers
- 83 Unfocused reward enhancers

- 12 Nihil damage enhancers (all unused, 150 charges each)
- 11 QBD damage enhancers (all unused, 150 charges each)
- 1 Rush of Blood damage enhancer (showing 250/500 charges)
- 11 Volcanic damage enhancers (all unused, 1000 charges each)
- 15 Dominion Tower damage enhancers (14 unused, 500 charges each) (1 used, showing 165/500 charges)

- 11 Barbarian Assault point enhancers (all unused, 15 charges each)
- 10 Morvrans' Challenge enhancers (all unused, 2 charges each)
- 12 Castle Wars token enhancers (all unused, 20 charges each)
- 13 Chompy Bird enhancers (all unused, 100 charges each)
- 1 Champion scroll enhancer (unused, 250 charges)

Simple multiplication followed, and I figured out how many charges
be showing in the interface.

What actually shows is:

- 90 Unfocused damage enhancers
- 82 Unfocused reward enhancers

- Nihil damage enhancers: 1,799 charges
- QBD damage enhancer: 1,649 charges
- Rush of Blood damage enhancer: 249charges
- Volcanic damage enhancers: 10,999 charges
- Dominion Tower damage enhancers: 7,333 charges?!

- Barbarian Assault point enhancers: 164 charges
- Morvrans' Challenge enhancers: 19 charges
- Castle Wars token enhancers: 239 charges
- Chopmy Bird enhancers: 1,299 charges
- Champion scroll enhancer: 249 charges I'm just sitting here thinking 'What on earth?'....

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G e o f f
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G e o f f

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I noticed the same. Looks as though for every conversion, the counter is 1 charge lower than you'd expect it to be.

Perhaps the counter is remaining charges but not including one that is currently active, ie. the one that is not included and appears to be 'missing'.

Just a thought though, nothing concrete.

17-Jun-2019 15:08:31

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Yeah I can confirm the same.

Something "strange" happened here.

Missing 1 charge at least from each enhancer I had, none were active, so it's not related to active enhancers.

I want my charges back!
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17-Jun-2019 15:17:40

Amaterasu Mi
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Amaterasu Mi

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Since the -1 error seems to be affecting all counts, I figure it may be a basic coding error.

- confusing a 'more than or equal to' symbol with a 'more than'
- or mixing up a 0 with a 1
...when programming the logic statements involved in reading/displaying the minimum limits.
That is a really easy mistake to make, so hopefully an easy one to fix!

Therefore, what perturbs me more is the fact that somehow:
14 x 500 + 165 = 7,333!
(Note: it shouldn't!)

17-Jun-2019 15:51:42

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Looks like it's similar to the timers, where 1 minute remaining is displayed when a timer hits 1 min 59 sec and ticks down to the 1 minute. So 250 charges for the Champ Scroll is shown as 249.

Look at it this way. 10 charges could mean 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0.
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18-Jun-2019 00:46:46

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