4% NXT Users? Not the point...

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Molly Weazly

Molly Weazly

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Jaekob Caed said:
I'm fairly certain most of those issues are either:

A) Niche issues that affect a small percentage of people (often the case, since a lot of that 4% plays on an ancient PC)
B) Issues that can happen to any kind of game client
C) Old, resolved issues

The point is that only 4% of people still use Java. That 4% is holding back the remaining 96% of the game's playerbase because of stubbornness. If your PC can't run NXT on low, then it's time to invest in a new PC in general; even the cheapest of systems today shouldn't have any issue with it.

A few technical issues with the new client is not a good reason to justify holding onto the dead Java client. An overwhelming majority of players play on NXT with little to no reason and Java is holding us all back. Time to move on.

I don't believe this for a second. Not that most of us can't run NXT but that Java is the reason NXT isn't running perfectly for everyone.

Not that it matters what I believe. Inevitably, Jagex will shut down it's Java support. And they will lose that 4% which obviously they feel they don't need. At this point, I suppose the loss of some players will offset the cost of maintaining the Java servers. Which is the bottom line.

15-Nov-2019 04:21:19

Molly Weazly

Molly Weazly

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Proto57 said:
Well aside from a bit of snarky tone in some, I still appreciate all the responses.

I hope that the advice that the NXT client has been improved since I tried it last (it was awful back then), and will run on my laptop, is correct.

As for Java being bad, it is not, for me. That's my experience... it is smooth as silk, no problems. I like no problems. Call me crazy.

But again, maybe things will work out better than I fear, and I do appreciate the feedback on my concerns...

Same. I can also play NXT (with some issues) on my computer, but I've never had any issues on Java.

Fair Saffron said:
Had a nice long post ready, and Captcha killed it. TLDR: Retired, can't afford a new comp this year. Everything goes up but SS. Happens to young people too, I know some. Been wanting a new one for several years, but just can't swing it.

Be nice, it could happen to you someday. OP, you're right. Thank you for including my post in your list.

Try NXT on your computer and see what issues you have. They're supposedly going to have a thread to help people with NXT issues. They have optimized things and it works better now, so it's worth a shot to see if you can get it to run.


15-Nov-2019 04:34:18

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