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Yes. I want all skills to be 120 eventually, though am not sure if it would be hunter to start with. Hello Moto

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UrekMazino said:

As long as there's enough diverse content to fill in the new gap.

Exactly this, and that's why I think Hunter is nowhere near ready for a 120. Excluding BGH, the only ways to train high-level Hunter (that isn't "oh hey, now you can catch a lower-level creature in a different area/without a certain piece of equipment" ) that don't spawn randomly (ie. Implings/Kami/Orokami) beyond level 90 are Skillchompas or Tortles. Hunter needs a lot more high-level content before we even think about going beyond 99. Once we get, say, tracking targets/deadfall traps/falconry/pitfalls/more hunting options that aren't Box Traps or a reskin of them that are useful up to 99, then we can talk about 120. BGH is a start, but nothing more than that.

I could see Fishing/Cooking getting 120 long before Hunter.

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