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Jon Stryder

Jon Stryder

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Some new concept art has been added to the 'World-out-of-time' website.

Along with screenshots of the Ruined Temple and the Steam Powered Boat landed on the beach (at presumably what will be the base camp) there are also images of some of the Islands inhabitants. Drawings reveal more details of these animals, including some of their names:

Bagrada Rex
Corbicula Rex
Arcane Apoterrasaur
Oculi Apoterrasaur
Slayer Dinosaur 1 - Ripper
Slayer Dinosaur 3 - Venomous

So yes, there are 'Dinosaurs' on this island, but they only bear a passing/generic similarity to the Dinosaurs we are familiar with. (So the Scimitops could be loosely based on a triceratops, the Asciatops has a back fin reminiscent of a dimetrodon, and the Bagrada and Corbicula Rexs has the same general structure as the T-rex, but with added spikiness, and are not too far from the original concept art shown at Runefest.)

We also have an answer to what those 2 huge flying "dinosaurs" with a long serpentine body and a tail shown in the main title graphic. Far from being Seiryu with wings and a tail, these would be Apoterrasaurs, and given the two varieties revealed so far, I'd say they were Arcane Apoterrasaurs.
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RS3's dinosaurs don't have to look like dinosaurs from other games or real world drawings at all. I'll rather see Jagex's own creativity.

I don't think Jagex has shown all the "dinosaurs". They also mentioned those are concept art and may not be what we actually see in the game later.

Maybe we will still see classic dinosaurs that look like Godzilla, Rodan and Gamera on Anachronia, but they will be uninspiring and I'll rather see something totally different.

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Saint Benjy
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Saint Benjy

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Worried here that the graphics will be too much for my machine... Good work though. Can we have Zeah next?

My idea for quests to introduce Zeah:
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