Summoning Rework Progress?

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It's been obsolete for ages now except for the Pack Yak, especially for such an expensive and irrelevant skill. How far along are plans to rework the skill to fit into the newer flow of the game? I've heard about plans for years now, and nothing has come of it.

04-Sep-2018 14:26:42

Nex is Life
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Nex is Life

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You can't even summon a yak

Summoning is not in any way obsolete, Spirit Cape BIS btw
What would be interesting is more choice of support based familiars such as Unicorn and Nihils. Or even team-support.
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04-Sep-2018 16:17:28

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When did Jagex announce Summoning Rework? What was the plan?

Perhaps OP and/or somebody else should provide us an Jagex official announced link before we can even talk about its "progress". :)

04-Sep-2018 16:59:10



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"Evolution of Summoning" is unlikely to ever happening. Rather than fix the issues inherent in the skill, they're just considering raising the cap to 120.

Mod Osborne said:
Raising Summoning to 120: more familiars, new way to train (Zarosian summoning, for example) – An increase of Summoning to 120, ensuring that it is brimful with content and refreshed by new mechanics, giving players new things to do beyond 99. That might be Zarosian summoning, which takes the ‘splicing’ style of summoning that Zaros used on nihil and Nex. Players can effectively construct their own familiars by splicing together benefits from the various monsters/elements.

Personally I'd rather have them rework summoning and/or have a new elite skill that also uses familiars. Raising the cap isn't something I'd like to see.
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05-Sep-2018 02:37:49

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Nex is Life said:
Dilbert2001 said:
When did Jagex announce Summoning Rework?

May have been a failed option on a poll however

There was never an “official announcement”. You know how they are. They talked about it on the podcast they used to do and also at RuneFest. It’s just another one of those vague and ambitious “ideas” that will likely never see fruition.

But maybe if we really put the pressure to Jagex we could see a rework in a few years.

I’ll post link if I can find it.
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05-Sep-2018 04:05:15



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Steel Titan is already such a powerful option... I'd love to see them make a balance of power for the familiars. Ones that provide tanking and protection for you from big bosses at the cost of damage, ones that provide extra damage for you at the cost of their own longevity, and ones that provide powerful utility like the Yak and Unicorn. Seeing a few combat abilities that can be used with any familiar would be AMAZING in addition to their scroll attack! :)

06-Sep-2018 22:24:09

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