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It’s a festival of dragons this month, on a scale that you’ve never encountered before. Expect three dragon bosses, a dungeon knee-deep with dragons and a new King Black Dragon, all wrapped up in our new Elite Dungeon, the Dragonkin Laboratory.


Elite Dungeons: Dragonkin Laboratory

Let’s get straight into the Laboratory. Built ages ago in the north-east Wilderness by the dragonkin, these are rocky ruins dripping with magma and riddled with dragons. The perfect place for a family day out!

Enter and you will face wave after wave of dragons, all eager to swallow adventurers in one. But survive for long enough and you’ll face Astellarn, the first celestial dragon, and Verak Lith, the brother – a few times removed – of the King Black Dragon. There is more, of course, but our lips have been welded shut with dragonfire. We forgot to pot up.

Rewards are pretty tasty, including new and upgraded elite tectonic masks and robe legs, graphical updates to existing tectonic gear, as well as Dungeoneering XP and tokens.

As with the first Elite Dungeon (Temple of Aminishi, which was launched last month), the Dragonkin Lab is for up to three players, and it becomes easier the more players you bring. It also comes with a Story Mode, reducing the challenge at the same time as the rewards, making it a fine experience for almost any player, regardless of ability.

You will need to have completed Temple of Aminishi once to enter the Laboratory, so there’s no better excuse to get in-game and prepare now!

(Oh, and yes, the Dragonkin Laboratory may be in the Wilderness, but the Grouping System will offer free teleports if you want to dodge the PKers, you big cowards.)

The Beach

Just sneaking into the month on July 30th is The Beach. As with previous years, this will be a Lumbridge Crater takeover, with all your traditional sunny festivities included.

Alongside hefty scoops of XP and happy hours, the Beach will be bringing something new: a face-in-the-hole where you can create fantastic Photo Booth shots for your forum avatar. There will also be plenty of new rewards, including a sandcastle crab, a beach goebie and a sharknado teleport anim.

Ocean’s Bounty

For a fortnight we will be bringing you Ocean’s Bounty, an event that chucks challenges your way in return for starfish points. Gather enough of these starfish to unlock fantastic ocean overrides and significant XP rewards, with up to 30 tiers of booty to collect.

If you want even more rewards, buy a Runepass to immediately unlock a legendary pet, as well as a premium track that gives you better rewards for your efforts. This is all a bit of an experiment to see if it’s a direction for the future.

Account Security Week

From the 9th to 15th of July, we will be celebrating the benefits of a safe account with Account Security Week. Count Check will be in Burthorpe to check your bank PIN and Authenticator, rewarding you with XP plus two additional daily Treasure Hunter keys if they are secure. Importantly, he will also offer security-themed clue scrolls, so take advantage and make your security as rock-hard as Elemental Workshop 3.

Stormborn Gamecard Outfit & Telekinetic Skilling Animations

If your tastes run to the cosmetic, then we have a couple of treats for you. Redeem a red or green gamecard and you will get the Stormborn outfit. It will also be added to the Premier Club token, with a new token becoming available on the 1st of July.

Additionally, we are releasing a set of 5 new telekinetic skilling animations onto Solomon’s Store, if you want to give your skilling a bit of a psychic kick.

***Go on, buy them! You won’t regret it.***


And we couldn’t go away without showcasing the wares of the skulking Ninjas. They’re giving you:

  • Clan broadcasts, to celebrate the achievements of other clan members

  • Displaying summoning points out of 990, rather than 99

  • Updating Evil Dave’s spellbook so it can hold up to 1,000 chipped teleport tablets


July truly is the Month of the Dragon, and there’s going to be more serpents than even George R. R. Martin could kill.

Have a great month, a fantastic summer and remember to bring your anti-dragonfire.

***As if that will help you!***

The RuneScape Team

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Elite Dungeons 2

The new dragons look pretty sweet, but please, between the dragon bosses, why not do something other than throw dragons constantly at the player? It just makes the bosses less special than they would be, if there was something else than dragons in the between.

The Beach

*yawn* More boring dailyscape. So when did you plan on getting rid of that like you said you would? > )


As if Runescape didn't have enough MTX already, we're getting yet another layer of it, sigh. Quite hilarious, though, that the legendary pet showcased is just a recolor of the fire lycan pet that used to be a magazine-exclusive. Live events team working hard- I mean hardly working again.

Stormborn Gamecard Outfit & Telekinetic Skilling Animations

We need more of this, and TH removed, thanks.


Clan broadcasts is a long time coming, but sadly, it's not a real game update; patch notes are maintenance work. For the monetization the game demands from you, this is not enough.


Overall rating for the month: 5/10

Elite dungeon and Solomon's stuff is fine, but otherwise the month is very lackluster in content, and runepass is a big no-no.
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Lions RAWR
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Looks interesting!

One question though:

It says you need to complete the Temple of Aminishi to get into the dragonkin laboratory, does it count if you completed it in story mode?
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"Let’s get straight into the Laboratory."

Because that's the only actual content this month. Big content I give you, but the beach is a recycled MTX event at heart, Runepass is MTX that has caused Reddit to quite rightly explode... You get the picture. The Dungeon should be epic, don't get me wrong, but the rest of it is recycled content, MTX or both. So what exactly is MTX funding?

I really hope that grouping is not the only way to get to the Laboratory without trekking the Wilderness (Grieferness) because that will not be popular, I can tell you.

Just to be clear, it is soloable, yes?

29-Jun-2018 18:30:48



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Mod Chanti said:

I misread this as Anja and I thought Player-owned House contracts were coming! :(

I don't like sad dragonkin because they are violent and aggressive :(
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Mod Chanti said:

Elite Dungeons: Dragonkin Laboratory

Let’s get straight into the Laboratory. Built ages ago in the north-east Wilderness...

Wilderness? Pass...
Only mildly interesting thing to come this month is The Beach...

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PrimaAntiqua said:

I really hope that grouping is not the only way to get to the Laboratory without trekking the Wilderness (Grieferness) because that will not be popular, I can tell you.

Max guild boss portal should also take you to the dungeon as well :)

But if you are not maxed and not in a group, no idea.
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29-Jun-2018 18:36:10



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Quit Complaining already about TH You should know TH Will never be removed and it never will be Okay? So please quit being so stupid instead of posting Dumb posts Your literally repeating ur own words Over and over again No wonder you barely say anything good on forums

29-Jun-2018 18:39:07

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