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Blackwing said:
Elite Dungeons 2

The new dragons look pretty sweet, but please, between the dragon bosses, why not do something other than throw dragons constantly at the player? It just makes the bosses less special than they would be, if there was something else than dragons in the between.

The Beach

*yawn* More boring dailyscape. So when did you plan on getting rid of that like you said you would? > )


As if Runescape didn't have enough MTX already, we're getting yet another layer of it, sigh. Quite hilarious, though, that the legendary pet showcased is just a recolor of the fire lycan pet that used to be a magazine-exclusive. Live events team working hard- I mean hardly working again.

Stormborn Gamecard Outfit & Telekinetic Skilling Animations

We need more of this, and TH removed, thanks.


Clan broadcasts is a long time coming, but sadly, it's not a real game update; patch notes are maintenance work. For the monetization the game demands from you, this is not enough.


Overall rating for the month: 5/10

Elite dungeon and Solomon's stuff is fine, but otherwise the month is very lackluster in content, and runepass is a big no-no.


07-Jul-2018 19:07:15



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this month is rather disappointing. i dont see the need for a second elite dung right after the first. there is still a ton of other stuff which needs to get up to speed with the current state of the game like the skill reworks

12-Jul-2018 22:17:41

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Will we be able to start making elite dungeon outfits from the next elite dung update?
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15-Jul-2018 15:41:27

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the dragon dungeon would be nice but based on the dragons we already have in game it will most likely be disappointing. are they gonna drop anything nice. based on some of the other dragons, probably not. a lot of the dragons are not worth the materials you spend to fight them. their content really needs to be looked at and their drops reworked. Also when you make dungeons or mobs so hard to get to with so many requirements how many people will actually be using them. I think it is very possible you elitist have lost touch with your player base. when I have to pay to access a boss I forget it. when I have to meet tons of requirements to access a boss (or area) I forget it. just not worth it, for the time I have to play. Too many other games competing for my money and attention. Reduce the number of hoops I have to jump thru to access your game.
A req quest is understandable. but having to do one dung to access another or paying hydrix or feathers or charms to access a mob is probably not worth the effort, especially when you are severely limited when you do get there. ( gemstone dragons, arhats and whole corrupted dung) You may be building tooo much elitist content! Build some stuff for the mid range ppl. <level 80 at least. Then some more for 80-100, 100-120. When new ppl enter a game and see the majority of content will not be accessible for Yeaarrrrs. they go find a more friendly game that will offer them some content.
but contrary to a lot of ppl I do like the lummy events. There I do think you are making content for everyone. I do not mind the hard work.

17-Jul-2018 21:49:08

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