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So, what do we have here?

A boss that more people probably want cancelled than released (noone wants 7-man bosses, and if you can make it duo you can sure as hell make a solo mode too/instead of the almost certainly dead-on-arrival 7-man).
A boss that was born of a poll asking what group size players wanted, where 2 and 3-4 had VASTLY more support than anything higher (and solo wasn't an option because the developer likes groups...).
A boss coming off the back of a 'yearly content survey poll' where we voted for a solo boss.

I have high hopes for Elite Dungeons; they sound to be what Solak SHOULD have been.

Can't wait to see how hated Solak is, and eventually abandoned by all but a few, just like AoD. Tell me, if (or when) 7-man mode is vastly less popular than duo mode (which you've gone out of your way to make harder for NO REASON except to annoy the vast majority who prefer this sort of thing to 7), will you finally get the poll results and playerbase preferences through your skulls and stick to making bosses that 1-5 people can take on?

You've done poll after poll: almost no-one wants anything larger than that. Over a third of the player base prefer soloing, and a boss that can be done by (maybe scales to) 1-5 people would fit the preferences of nearly 90% of the players!!!

But of course, you won't listen because you never do. You didn't after AoD and I have no confidence in you listening after this. So, onto the other updates....

A woodcutting update that does sound good (though seems more like yet more training, rather than rewards, when skills are now insanely fast and lacking in reasons to train) and a quest (always nice to have).

Free stuff we don't need in the slightest. Ninja is always fair enough.

And then MTX , charity and MTX. At least the MTX seems to be cosmetics, so kudos on that.... except we all know you're going to keep selling XP via ridiculous promotions too, so you don't get a cookie.

27-Apr-2018 17:37:04

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