What a jam-packed month ahead!

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So... there will be no content updates whatso-ever, apart from things that were in the 'patch notes' before 'spin to win' was a thing?

Great... Another reason to let my membership lapse.

Really hitting it out the park.

And don't give me the 'have you already done everything' malarkey, because that's just beside the point.

30-Aug-2019 17:47:50

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Yeah, there's literally one small content addition coming next month, and that's that. The bank stuff would be nice too, but 1) it's not guaranteed to come (as usual) and 2) if you have naught of interesting things to do, it doesn't matter.
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30-Aug-2019 17:50:50

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They're busy working on RuneFest. At RuneFest, major, game-changing updates are going to be announced!

Of course, the Evolution of Combat was a major game-changing update, so that's not necessarily a good thing. However, since we have only just recently received the rather large update of Anachronia added to the game, complaining about no major updates this month sounds like a "What have you done for us lately" joke.

Adding new content is nice. Adding new content is hard work. What Jagex really needs to do, in my opinion, is add the right kind of new content, some kind of new content that "keeps on giving" to the players, so that they're not dependent on the constant addition of more new content to keep the game interesting.

That doesn't mean then abandoning the game and not adding new content. It means then having the freedom to add new content at less frequent intervals, but then make it better when it is added. New content will still be a good thing even when it is no longer the only thing.

30-Aug-2019 18:12:32

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I guess the collection log is a great addition in two aspects - both to get players to engage once more in old content (and I guess it has enough potential to keep players busy for a while), as well as to introduce a new layer for new ones - basically similiar to how it already was done with bosses. Of course there are players who are not interested in something like - but is it really adequate then to mutter about the lack of content when they do not even engage with it?

Bank rework - helpful and asked by a lot of players for many years. It obviously has eaten a lot dev time though - but again: this was wished by a good portion of the community.
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30-Aug-2019 18:27:44

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No content for around 2 months so then we get bombarded with content after Runefest so players can be like wow this is amazing im totally buying prim club again.

Basically we are intentionally being starved of content so it seems we have loads after RuneFest.
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30-Aug-2019 20:15:07

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