What a jam-packed month ahead!

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Skull-inky said:
Basically we are intentionally being starved of content so it seems we have loads after RuneFest.

So you mean that we're actually going to have content after RuneFest?

As I've pointed out, Anachronia is content, and a pretty big chunk of content at that. In fact, a better chunk of content than we've had for years. So while complaints about a lack of content are a common thing with RuneScape, hearing them now makes me wonder.

Apparently, though, with the hype around RuneFest, they're going to announce lots of big changes to the game there. What this has me worried about is whether or not players are going to like those changes.

Apparently, they're planning to take two more skills to 120. I suppose the comp cape rework now means that taking skills to 120 will no longer be a disaster to people who used the comp cape to help them boss - since that is instead now tied to a combat-related achievement from among those formerly required for the comp cape. This certainly is a way to add more content to the game. But is that the kind of content players are looking for?

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